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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

September 20, 2011

Here is a very good example of how great a gift to have learned to sew really can be. It's one of life’s many examples that once you learn the art of sewing you won't forget. The knowledge will always be there for you. When I grew up, every girl had to learn the basics, at least, of sewing.

My sister and I are pretty good examples. As the old saying says, “like a duck takes to water” I took to sewing, while my sister just did what she had to, to please Mom. As the years rolled on and on she’d come to me for help many times: “Sis, I wish I’d really gotten serious the way you did.”

Here today we have a very good example and a very happy mother and grandmother, who has gone back to her sewing machine and is so very grateful for her having learned to sew, all of those years ago.

Garage sales are a great place for chatter like this. I didn’t get her name, but we all know she is now one of many of us so unhappy with the quality of the construction of the clothing we buy today.

This mother, grandmother and great-grandmother said recently at a garage sale that she, like I, was checking out a garment for the huge amount of beautiful fabric it had in that long gathered skirt. To quote her now, “When my kids were small and as they grew up, I made all of their clothing and loved it. Then, almost overnight it seemed, shopping centers everywhere, new ones really just miles apart. Clearance sales, real bargains. Just didn’t pay to take all of that time to actually make anything anymore.

“Then it dawned on me: their cheaply made, flimsy seams. Two or three launderings and they were actually coming out; yes, falling apart at the seams. Beside that, the fabric had lost all of its color.”

It's not at all like our clothing of the past, which used to wear so well, last so long.

“Oh, I well remember the day my machine got oiled and greased and came humming back to life. Been sewing up a storm ever since, for grandkids now,” she said.

Yes, once you learn to sew, you'll have treasures stored for the future, those retirement years, hobbies, crafts, those quilts you always planned or wished you could make.

Teach those wee ones as they grow up.

Bye now, and God Bless. Keep our youth (our future ) in your prayers.

— Aunt Norie, P O Box 265, Tonganoxie, 66086;


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