Letter to the editor: Vote needed on prayers at Historical Society meetings

April 3, 2012

To the editor:

Secularism has found its way to Tonganoxie.

Apparently the board of directors of the Tonganoxie Community Historical Society has decided to ban all prayers from its functions including the monthly membership meeting.

This was done by not even giving the members a chance to vote on it. I thought that in a democracy the majority rules. I would think that the majority of members are Christian and would be in favor of keeping the prayer at the beginning of the meeting. I am not, however, a spokesman for them. But we will never know for sure how they would have voted, will we? I am voting by not attending any more of their meetings. What are they afraid of? Has anyone complained about the prayer except a couple of board members?

Are they going to ban the Pledge of Allegiance next?

Bob Alden,


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