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THS golf breaks school record in Cheney

April 24, 2012

The Chieftain golf team closed out last week on a high note and re-wrote the school's record book in the process.

Fresh off its winning performance in Thursday's tournament in Spring Hill, THS broke the school record with a team score of 310 Friday at the Wichita Collegiate Invitational. The team finished second behind host school Wichita Collegiate (307) at Cherry Oaks Golf Course in Cheney.

"Everybody is just making strides and improving a little bit at a time," coach Jared Jackson said. "That's starting to show up on the scorecard. Spring Hill was a good confidence builder. I think momentum had a lot to do with it going into the tournament on Friday."

The Chieftains improved on their previous team-low of 312, which they shot at last season's Atchison Invitational.

The tournament developed into a two-man race between the Chieftains and Spartans, who finished at least 17 strokes ahead of the next best team.

Senior Colby Yates picked up his second individual title in as many events with a season-low score of 73. He won the Spring Hill tournament with a 75.

"He had really good performances in back-to-back tournaments and won them both," Jackson said of Yates. "That's just good, consistent play."

Yates was one of three Chieftains to go home with a medal. Others included sophomore Drew Sandburg, who took fifth with a 77, and senior Tanner Hale, who finished 12th with a 79. Junior Aaron Williams, junior Tyler Hall and senior Kody Campbell finished with marks of 81, 86 and 89, respectively.

THS will be back in action Thursday at the Atchison Invitational. Tournament play will begin at 1 p.m. at the Bellevue Golf and Country Club.

THS individual results

  1. Colby Yates, 73; 2. Drew Sandburg, 77; 3. Tanner Hale, 79; 4. Aaron Williams, 81; 5. Tyler Hall, 86; 6. Kody Campbell, 89.

Overall team results

  1. Wichita Collegiate, 307; 2. Tonganoxie, 310; 3. Trinity Academy, 327; 4. Buhler, 328; 5. Hesston, 331; 6. Andover, 332. 7. Augusta, 339; 8. Kaupan JV, 343; 9. Valley Center, 345; 10. Eisenhower, 351; 11. Wellington, 338; 12. Andover Central JV, 432.

Top 15 individual results

1. Colby Yates, TON, 73; 2. Camron Chugg, WC, 74; 3. Harrison Morris, WC, 76; 4. Aaron Morris, TRI, 76; 5. Drew Sandburg, TON, 77; 6. Brady Zeisch, TRI, 77; 7. James Engel, WC, 77; 8. Ryan Hoover, AND, 78; 9. Trevor Pauls, HES, 79; 10. Kesten Trebbe, AUG, 79; 11. Evan Clopine, AND, 79; 12. Tanner Hale, TON, 79; 13. Tyler Heimerman, BUH, 80; 14. Patrick Maloney, WC, 80; 15. Brandon Givens, BUH, 80.


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