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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

April 25, 2012

Hip pockets are one of many guys’ most important and busy pockets, and they do wear out, many times way ahead of the knees. For the little guy, the knees are the first to go, but then, you know, a guy just has to get down on those knees to do almost anything.

For now, we’re just concerned with “the fixin’” of that worn-out, special pocket.  One mother ripped the whole hip pocket off, planning to make a whole new pocket. His billfold would soon have fallen out. In another one, that little round can of tobacco or snuff almost cuts a hole sometimes.

To make a whole new pocket and have it look anything at all like the remaining pocket is just about impossible to do. Our home sewing machine just can’t do the heavy stitching to match the remaining and original pocket stitches.

There is a special and easy trick to mending that pocket. You do have to rip the bottom of the pocket off and up the sides of it, leaving those heavy bar-tacked corners of the pocket in place. Lift the pocket itself up and mend the holes by putting a patch on, just as you would the knee, then sew the pocket back on. Besides, guys just seem to like those patches. I guess that is just another “guy thing.”

Those little guys and gals work so hard to do things. Be sure to just stop, look, listen and brag on them a little. Tell them how proud of them you are. Offer to help. “Hey, you need a hand there?” “Wow, that’s great. I had no idea you could  do something like that.” You just never know what mountains, so to speak, you may move out of their way. You can so quickly and easily do some simple thing that he or she will always remember you for.   

School will so soon be out again. God Bless you and yours.

— Aunt Norie, PO Box 265, Tonganoxie, KS  66086;


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