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Remember When: A Community Review

August 7, 2012

10 years ago: July 24, 2002

Deaths: Lawrence P. “Jiggs” Marquis, 82, Kansas City, Kan., died July 20, 2002; George S. Marshall, 86, Basehor, died July 19, 2002; Ernest Edwin Pine, 92, Basehor, died July 17, 2002; Jean Lucille Rickel, 86, Lawrence, died July 22, 2002.

The odds weren’t good for Ron Joles, who suffered a heart attack June 21 while driving a tractor along a road near Jarbalo. (Mr. Joles, age 57, passed out but the tractor hit a fence and then the side of a neighbor’s house. The home’s residents Robert and Helen Klinkenberg, heard the noise, went outside and found Mr. Joles. Mr. Klinkenberg did CPR and Mrs. Klinkenberg flagged down a passing neighbor, Tim Leffert, to help. He aided in the CPR efforts. Pat Morey, with the county EMS vehicle, used a defibrillator on Mr. Joles and the ambulance arrived soon after that. Mr. Joles heart was defibrillated nine times in all and he received seven doses of medicine to restart his heart.)

Birth: Kevin and Jammi Gallagher announce the birth of a daughter, Erin Margaret Gallagher, July 2, 2002.

25 years ago: July 22, 1987

Doug Sonntag makes his living as a game warden, but on Tuesday, July 28, he will take up his five-string banjo, put a dummy puppet on the rack, tell a few jokes, and sing old-time ballads for members and friends of the Tonganoxie Community Historical Society. (Mr. Sonntag makes the dancing wooden puppets with loose joints which “dance” while he plays.)

Birth: David and Kim Kroeker of Holyoke, Colorado, proudly announce the birth of their son, Kyle Wayne, born July 16, 1987.

50 years ago: Aug. 9, 1962

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Darrow, RR 2, Leavenworth, announce the birth of their son, Raymond Eugene, July 21, 1962; Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Wilmes, Burlington Junction, Mo., announce the birth of a daughter, Elaine Marie, July 31, 1962.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Uhlrich of near McLouth celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary with a High Mass of Thanksgiving at St. Joseph of the Valley Church, Sunday, August 5.

Jarbalo: A large crowd attended the Threshing Bee at the Watson Farm Saturday and Sunday.

Basehor: Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lorance announce the birth of a daughter, July 21, whom they have named Lynn Aura.

Fairmount: The children of Mr. and Mrs. James Boyer honored Mr. Boyer Sunday at his home on his birthday with a family picnic.

75 years ago: July 15, 1937

Stranger Valley farmers are getting an eyeful of a new “believe-it-or-not” this week southeast of Tonganoxie. We almost had a drouth and a flood at the same time in the lower valley. Farmers began getting their hay, oats and barley out of the stream’s (Stranger Creek) reach at the same time hoping it would cut loose and rain.

Fall From Building Fatal; Francis L. Peterson, 22, Dies: Fell Four Stories at Richards & Conover Building in Kansas City … Death came suddenly Saturday morning in Kansas City to Francis Peterson, a well-known local young man. He was employed by the Otis Elevator Co. there and had been sent to the hardware store to repair an elevator which had been out of commission.

From “It Happened in Kansas” by F. A. Cooper: The early Indians of Kansas did not live in tepees or wigwams. Their lodges were made of grass thatched to a rigid frame-work of poles and were of a permanent nature. The tepee was carried and used as a temporary shelter while the Indians were traveling or hunting. The grass lodges were from 15 to 20 feet high and approximately 18 feet wide … Will Kansas ever have an active volcano? It is not impossible. There have been active volcanoes in Kansas. The remains of a volcano can still be seen near Riley. The Kansas volcanoes have been dead for ages, but a change in surface structure could make them active again.

100 years ago: July 25, 1912

One day of the Old Settlers reunion will be set apart for the women who have charge of the equal suffrage campaign in Kansas. The picnic will be held at the usual place in Elm Park on August 21, 22, and 23.

Ed McNerney has run his auto 1,000 miles without getting a puncture.

A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ern Bowman a little over a week ago … Births are announced at the homes of Louis and Otto Seufert. To the latter family was born a boy Saturday.

Lem Evans, one of the survivors of the battle of Wilson’s Creek, near Springfield, Mo., expects to go down there the first time since the battle. The anniversary of the battle is Aug. 10.

Forty tickets were sold at the Northwestern depot Sunday afternoon, and nearly all of them were for Kansas City.

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Needham of East Auburn, Calif., announce the birth of a daughter, July 17, to whom they have given the name Amelia Magdalene.

Rural carrier Ivan Sechrest lost a wheel off his auto while going over the route Monday morning, and had to leave his car at Stilleo Still’s. But all the people along the route got their mail just the same.


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