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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

February 27, 2012

We’ve just "gotta" get back to our little sewing corner or space. Oh, it’s so nice if it can be all in one spot, so to speak. If not, we find we can all make due with just what we have.

Those of us who want to, need to, have to use that sewing machine: well, we find a way.

My little space I spoke about is actually in three spots — all connected, but separated — in one room. Make sense? No, but let me explain. Oh, it's so easy.

My machine never gets folded down into its cabinet. Very nearby, my small sewing rocker sits directly under a sunny south window. Across the room inside the clothes closet, I added a shelf, just about a foot high. It contains see-through plastic (shoebox size) containers. These hold zippers, buttons, tapes, and so much more, all labeled and easy to find.

That closet, turned into a sewing room, is of course ideal, but not always possible.

Another little jewel I found many years ago, called a carpenter’s cabinet, is a shelf-like box, in itself, very small. Mine is about 10x8 inches, 15 little see-through drawers in three rows — five in a row — for snaps, hooks, eyes, needles, pins, tacks, cup hooks and my single edge razor blades I use for ripping. Mine is full and so organized. I'm sure these little organizers come in different sizes, but all are small, wonderful helpers. Find a good or better assortment at Home Depot or like spot.

Let’s face it: when you have to get that portable out of the closet, set it up on the card table, one can lose interest before getting it all out and put together.

Besides all of that, when the kids grow up seeing all of your sewing action, they are going to learn or want to learn. It will just be a part of their growing up.

When mine were yet small, but tall and big enough, I used to let them sew circles, designs, etc., drawn on sheets of paper with no thread on the machine. They just made tracks and designs and learned to control the machine. They all sew, or can when they want or need to, boys and girls alike.

With the few who have contacted me over this, I know there are many of you out there, so thanks to so many for so much.

Remember, if you find a good, older machine, we have a great “fixer-upper” to tune it up and get it going for you.

Hugs now and God bless.

Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie, KS 66086;


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