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Letter: A district of its own

February 28, 2012

To the editor:

Why is Leavenworth County split into two state senate districts? The population of Leavenworth County is large enough to deserve to be a standalone district. Southern Leavenworth County is in the 3rd District, leaving the rest of Leavenworth County in the 5th district.

How can we be properly represented in the Kansas Senate when our 3rd District senator resides south of Lawrence in Douglas County and his primary concern is that of Douglas County? We need to understand that Douglas County is the big dog in the 3rd District and southern Leavenworth County is just an addition to the 3rd District to satisfy districting maps.

The same problem exist in the 5th District. Once again Wyandotte County is the home of the senator in the 5th District and Wyandotte is the major player, while Leavenworth County is just an afterthought.

Each of the 10 most populous counties in Kansas has a resident of that county serving in the Kansas Senate — except Leavenworth County.

The current members of the Kansas Senate who have portions of Leavenworth County in their districts have never carried the portions of their districts within Leavenworth County in a general election.

Leavenworth County deserves its own state senate district and I encourage residents in Leavenworth County to email Gov. Brownback and Lt. Gov. Colyer and let them know Leavenworth needs a standalone senate district.

Tom Stoffers,



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