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Honor roll: Linwood Elementary School

January 26, 2012

Linwood Elementary School honor roll for the second quarter of 2011-12:

Purple honor roll

Third grade: Elizabeth Besser, Torrey Carmichael, Sawyer Delana, Jacob Glaum, Logan Morris, Adam Peterson, Alyssa Tyler

Fourth Grade: Gabriel Fisher, Yadira Gildo, Anna Hahn, Cion Harris, Kaden Jacobson, Wyatt Lindsey, SaLeia Morrow, Drake Parkinson, Maddison Rayl, Alyssa Reneau, Isaiah Siegfreid, Zach Smith, Orion Sproules-Kraai

Fifth Grade: Jennifer Baxter, Kimberlyn Campbell, Keirstin Carballosa, Alexis Carmichael, Abigail Dacus, Austin Delana, Karsen Jacobson, Maris Lopez Diaz, Kilee McConnaughey, Emmry Oldham, Victoria Patterson, Darby Peterson, Jordan Reed, Natalie Rigdon, Nathan Smith

Gold honor roll

Third Grade: Molly Dunnington, Michael Ketner, Garret Lindsey, Conner O'Brien

Fourth Grade: Colton Byrd, Matthew Chadwick, Laura Diaz, Jayme Mahoney, L.J. McDaris, Graham Stallbaumer, Tarah Tavis

Fifth Grade: Dylan Carlson, Levi Cook, Sterling Hollond, Jake Johnson, Ryan Smith


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