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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

July 31, 2012

Sewing machines are very reasonable now in price. I suppose they are now mass produced. They do all of the fancy stitching and embroidery work. They are not at all like the older machines. They will not do all of the heavy work our older machines have always done.

My old Singer, like all older makes of machines, will go right through those heavy jeans leg seams and turn up those heavy hems.

But, if you’re careful, the new machine can also sew them. For instance, when you fold up and turn that leg seam, just turn it up one fold, clipping it just half the width of the seam.

For years, the sewing world has had what has been called a ‘clapper’ for pounding the fold instead of pressing so they are flat, fitted and easier to stitch through and over. For many years, I have used a small tack hammer to pound those bumps or heavy spots so they are flat and easier to sew over. Also, for many years, I used a flat stick. Actually, it was a paint stirring paddle or stirring stick.

One day in my favorite fabric sewing shop, I found a gadget now called a Jean-A-Ma-Jig. It’s especially made for crossing that leg seam. It is perfect. It certainly does a great job of turning up those jean hems and sewing right on across that heavy seam.

Count your blessings and be careful of this heat.


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