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March 6, 2012

No, it's not just us 'oldsters' any longer, as we are hearing the younger generation with the same complaints, about so many changes, too many changes, too often. "As fast as we learn one system, it changes and it's outdated"

I'm still running around with my favorite camera. Well, yeah, it is getting on in years. It works great, though. Only thing is, there are very few places to get the film developed. Even a lot of one-hour developing spots have closed. My daughter, Cathy: "Mom, really, you need to park that camera and go digital, then I can even develop them for you."

Oh, they've tried to tell me for years, like when a loaf of bread went to one dollar a loaf, they said "oh it will go to $3 or even higher." "Not for me," I said. "I'll bake bread before I'll pay that."

My three-year-old great grandson, just yesterday, was amazing. He sings the songs, reads the titles, plays the games, knows the system — oh yes, on the internet. It's scary, folks. But you know what? Those facts alone tear my heart out. Aren't our little ones missing a lot of that good old 'happy childhood' even their parents grew up with? Why so much, so fast?

A couple of younger parents: "our VCR which we worked and saved for, totally outdated. It's just not fair." Even shopping; just because it's what your family uses and likes, you've have always bought Bingo. Then, one day, you can no longer can find it anywhere.

In the fabric shop the other day, a shopper was complaining, very verbally: "why can't you have and sell us good old all-cotton fabric? My quilters can't make quilts out of this stuff."

There was a song some years back. "Stop the World, I Want to Get Off." It certainly fits better now than then. I tell my crew, "Hang on, wait for me. Like the tail of the kite, I'll get there. I'm coming, befuddled and bewildered, keepin' on, hanging on."

God Bless now.

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