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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

March 13, 2012

I have had several responses from the recent “Taming the tongue."

One I’d especially like to respond to comes from a young mother, but more than that, she is also a school teacher. She reaches many children, over and over each day. She will have a great effect on their lives and on their future.

Laura lives in another state some distance from us, not using her full name. However, thanks for your response, my dear.

When she said, “I will teach these things to my children,” knowing her, I know she will also apply the same to her students. She is a teacher who knows each and every one of her students. She, like so many of our dedicated teachers these days, works so hard to help her students with life on beyond that classroom, too.

Like one young father said the other day, “these kids today and their language. As I grew up, I never cursed or let any of my friends curse in front of my mother. I just can’t believe their mouths; the filth,”

My brother used to say, when it went wrong, “oh, gunny sacks!” My favorite expression at such times was “oh, spider webs.” But we never said ‘cuss words’ either.

We have so many great young folks out there. Remember, we don’t hear all the good stuff. It’s their generation and they don’t like it either. They, with God’s help, are fixing things. I listen a lot, I hear a lot. There are still many “thank yous” and “may I help yous,” or young gentlemen holding a door for you. Yes, chivalry (courtesy) is still alive and clicking. Not as well as we’d like, but far from dead.

So why don’t we all pray for our youth. Their load is indeed great these days.

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