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Remember When: A Community Review of Tonganoxie

May 15, 2012

10 years ago: May 1, 2002

Services for Meryle C. McQuitty, 89, Kansas City, Kan., were held April 28, 2002.

Tree planted in Lenahan’s memory: Although the weather wasn’t accommodating, local residents celebrated Arbor Day on Friday by planting a memorial tree and recognizing contributions of area businesses. The Tonganoxie tree board dedicated a tree in VFW Park in memory of Jean Lenahan, who died last December. Lenahan, a member of the tree board, also was a member of the TLC Club and the Good Shepherd Thrift Shop and Food Bank’s board of directors in Tonganoxie. Lenahan’s memorial tree is a prairie fire crabapple that is expected to grow to 20 feet in height.

Peggy and Bill Sproul celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary April 30th. They have been residents of the Springdale area for 23 years.

Carolyn Trowbridge, editor and publisher of The Mirror newspaper in Tonganoxie, has been reappointed to the Kansas Press Association’s board of directors.

25 years ago: April 29, 1987

On Monday evening, Mayor Lois Meadows relinquished her role as Mayor to Mr. Herb Robbins. Mrs. Meadows took office in September 1986.

The Legal Printing Company will be celebrating its 12th year in May with Kay Emory Soetaert at the helm. This company, located in a small town, was developed by a woman whose personality and hard work have caused it to grow beyond its original boundaries. (Kay began work in Tonganoxie when only eight years old. Her first job was stamping egg cartons for her parents, the Bill Emerys, who were operating a chicken company for Mr. J. M. Jack. When in high school, she took a job with the Tonganoxie Mirror and was soon pouring hot lead for the linotype machine. During Kay’s early years at the newspaper, it was not computerized as it is today and she learned to proofread the columns from right to left. There is little doubt her curiosity about the printing trade grew from this early association.)

Births: Jeffrey Scott Gutshall is excited to share the news about his new baby sister, Kristen Amelia, born April 20, 1987. Their parents are Dan and Carla Gutshall; Kevin and Gail Heintzelman of Tonganoxie are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Hannah Lynn, April 20, 1987.

Death: Mrs. Violet Folsom Creek, 66, McLouth, died April 24, 1987.

50 years ago: May 17, 1962

Births: A daughter was born May 11, 1962, to Mr. and Mrs. Leo Baragary of Rt. 3, Tonganoxie; A daughter, Lynley Gail, born May 14, 1962, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hancock, Jr., Tonganoxie; A daughter, Jennifer Ann, was born to Mr. and Mrs. James Leonard, Kansas City, Mo., April 30, 1962; Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Kissinger announce the birth of their son, Michael Harry, April 7, 1962.

Deaths: Mr. Charles A. Lynn, 71, Rt. 1, Tonganoxie, passed away May 2, 1962; Walter H. Thomas, 74, formerly of Tonganoxie, passed away April 13 at Redwood City, California, where he had lived for the past 20 years; Mrs. Ethel Lucinda Miller, Tonganoxie, passed away May 14, 1962, at the age of 82 years; Linwood: Mr. James Ward, age 89, died at his home here May 12, 1962.

75 years ago: April 22, 1937

Ed Randall, age 67, died Sunday at his home in the east part of Tonganoxie; L. W. McGinnis, Horton, died Friday at age 72.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Knox announce the birth of a daughter, Janice Lee, born Sunday; Mr. and Mrs. Ted Pearson announce the birth of a baby daughter, Jean Ann, April 15; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bigelow announce the birth of a daughter, LaRita Carol, April 18; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bradford of Palo Alto, Calif., announce the birth of twins April 17. They have been given the names Joyce and Richard. Mrs. Bradford will be remembered as Miss Aileen Rice of Tonganoxie.

From “It Happened in Kansas” by F. A. Cooper: Rest in Peace? The last memorial in Kansas to the “gold hunters” of 1849 was a group of 50 graves near the site of the old Oregon Trail near Louisville. This little burial ground was respected for over 70 years, but finally fell before the ravages of progress. The rude stone markers were torn up and a highway graded directly over the site. Only one grave (S. T. Prather’s) escaped. (A sketch showed the stone marker as “T. S. Prather, May 27, 1849.”)

100 years ago: May 2, 1912

The district south of Jarbalo is at present greatly alarmed over a mad dog scare. (A dog owned by Walter Morgan bit some of his stock and Mr. Morgan himself. Mr. Morgan went to Kansas City to have the madstone applied. The stone adhered. Afterward the victim placed himself under the care of a Kansas City physician who is now administering the Pasteur treatment.) Harry Kissinger killed the dog about two hours and a half after he started on his mad career. A few years ago a young man living near Jarbalo died of the rabies, and his horrible sufferings have made the people more than usually alarmed over the present incident.

A Lawrence automobile doctor was over Saturday, and treated several crippled autos. But the next day the ground was muddy and the autos could not be used.

The Holton school board has taken a decided stand against smoking among high school students. None of the Holton High School pupils participated in the First District Athletic meet because they were barred on account of the no-smoking rule.

Somebody has written a poem about “The Little Sod Shanty”. The little sod shanty is very poetic.


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