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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

May 22, 2012

I guess you can just call me "Funny Grandma." That's what this special little grandson calls me.

He further explained he has two more grandmas and they never, "hardly ever laugh" So he loves to call me his "Funny Grandma."

It seems he was telling his teacher that laughing was such fun, and all one needed was someone to just turn it on. "And guess what, Grandma? The teacher said 'OK, do you want to try it? How would you do that?'  So, I said 'like this,' and I just bent over and started laughing, holding my tummy and laughing. Sure enough, some of the other kids began, and soon, the whole room was laughing.

"The teacher had to stop us, then she asked 'now, what is so funny? Why are we laughing so hard?' So then we talked about it. You know what, Grandma? We all agreed. It just felt good."

Thank you so much, "Funny Grandma," for sharing that little jewel with us. We all learn and can learn so much if we tune in and listen to those kids. Keep it up.

The above story takes me back to one of my mother's favorites. She would never let us worry, fret or stew when held up in traffic or late getting on our way. She would always say "Well now, if you always had your way, you might have been involved in 'that wreck on down the road.'" She would always add "Just always remember: God has our route, our day and our very lives all planned out before it ever starts. He will have you right where you need to be, when you need to be."

Way back in those Model T days, we were late getting started on an all-day trip to Wichita to see our favorite Aunt Violet. Dad had taken a lonely country road, cutting across to Highway 75, when he noticed the tall weeds all torn up at a bridge approach. He stopped and found two old ladies, still stunned from the sudden drop off the road, as they had landed in a deep ditch.

Mom was quick to say, 'Now, see kids? God sure needed your dad right here today, right at this very time."

Why are we such worry warts anyway? I can be my own worst enemy in that corner. So just laugh your cares away

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