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Remember When: A Community Review of Tonganoxie

May 29, 2012

10 years ago: May 15, 2002

Jeff Gordon, NASCAR Winston Cup Series driver, was at Kansas Speedway last week for preseason festivities. Also on hand were fellow drivers Jimmy Spencer and John Andretti. The season gets underway June 1 at the race track, which is about 15 miles east of Tonganoxie in Kansas City, Kan.

Deaths: Margaret Sanders Leighty, 88, Tonganoxie, died May 12, 2002; Thomas Dale Lobb, 66, Scottsdale, Ariz., died May 7, 2002.

Pastor’s Corner, by Rev. Mark Goldasich: Graduations make me wish that I was rich. If I had a huge fortune to tap into, I’d see to it that every graduate was given two books: one would be the Bible and the other would be a little volume by H. Jackson Brown Jr., called “Life’s Little Instruction Book.” The latter was written by a father whose son was heading off to college. It was meant to be a “road map” of how to have a fulfilling life. The 511 statements in the book cover the whole range of life (Rev. Goldasich suggested parents, friends and relatives sit down and compile their own list.).

25 years ago: May 13, 1987

Death: Richard A. Pryor, Sr., 43, Tonganoxie, formerly of Grandview, died May 4, 1987.

Mrs. Mary Wallace and Mrs. Roberta Michael were awarded a certificate by the University of Kansas to recognize their 25 years of service in education. The presentation was made May 11 at the school board meeting by Jerry McPherson. Mrs. Mildred McMillon attended and also gave her congratulations to both Mary and Roberta.

Lori Meadows, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Meadows, presented her freshman piano recital at Baker University on May 5. She had the distinction of being the first freshman at Baker to present a full length recital.

Mrs. Susie Parmer was joined by her daughter, Dina Parmer of Irving, Texas, and son, Mr. and Mrs. David Parmer of Lenexa and her brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Parmer of Lawrence and sisters-in-law, Mrs. Maxine Moss of Joplin and Mr. and Mrs. Cruzan of Pitcher, Okla., for a memorial dedication service in Topeka. The ceremonies were in honor of Kansas lawmen who died in the line of duty and were Friday at the Capitol in Topeka. Susie’s husband, Mr. E. M. “Okie” Parmer was one of the lawmen from Tonganoxie honored. The other was Mr.  Lee Freeman. The native limestone monument is on the northeast corner of the Capitol grounds and features a star set in a circle 27 feet in diameter. The circle and star rise about three feet from the ground and the names of all the slain officers are inscribed on the outer-side of the circle. Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Wedel also attended the memorial services. Mrs. Wedel’s brother, Donald Harbour from Manhattan who was stationed in Odgen, was one of the honorees.

50 years ago: May 31, 1962

Deaths: Clarence Sewell, Colorado Springs, Colo., died May 22, 1962. He was the nephew of Mrs. John Evans and Mrs. Dollie Conley; Mrs. Maye Ross, 79, Bethel, died Sunday; Frank H. White, 87, a resident of Basehor, died Saturday afternoon; Mrs. Emma Surzey, Lawrence, age 65, died May 26, 1962.

Weekly comment about this and that; (Jere Neibarger.) Memorial Day brings out the fact that James Deaton, who is confined to his home by illness, is the only Spanish-American War veteran left here, and there is no up-to-date list of World War I veterans now residing here.

Dennis Peine is back in Tonganoxie. He had been at Mercury, Nev., since November, working for a company with a contract on the atom bomb testing range there.

Linwood: Mrs. Clara Estella Herman, age 71, died Sunday.

75 years ago: May 6, 1937

The Bartlett store was sold Monday to Herbert Rawlings.

George Taylor Plunkett, 67, who has been employed the past winter on the Kepler farm west of Tonganoxie, died Saturday night.

Stanwood: Mrs. Leslie Wager and baby son were brought home from the Memorial Hospital in Lawrence Friday to the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Dunlap.

Linwood News: Mr. and Mrs. Harold Anderson announce the birth of a daughter April 28.

The effort to induce small factories to locate here is worthwhile. But we should remember also that we have several good plants here, such as the Franklin Ice Cream Co., Star Creamery, Musil’s Bakery and a general line of home-owned business establishments. Backing up the concerns we already have is a good policy.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Seymour received a letter from their son, Earl, who is in the Philippine Islands, stating he was going on an excursion through the South Sea Islands. — Hoge Station.

Wednesday evening, Mr. and Mrs. John Wickey were pleasantly surprised by their children, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wickey and family, Jarbalo; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wickey and family, Kansas City, Kan.; Mrs. Beulah Hawkins and Georgie and Francis McNamee. They brought well-filled baskets and had supper with their parents. The occasion was the 40th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Wickey. Later in the evening, they were again surprised by their neighbors.

100 years ago: May 16, 1912

Horse Drowned: Willie Deeter, 14, who lives west of town and had begun working for Matt Kramer north of town the day before, drove into Tonganoxie creek while it was high Friday morning, and lost the horse he was driving and two cans of milk. The boy luckily jumped on a high spot and got out. The boy had never been over the road that runs into Tonganoxie from the north by way of the lake. Mr. Kramer said the accident damaged him to the extent of about $200.

A package containing a present sent from England to Mrs. Thistlethwaite, living southeast of town, was lost with the sinking of the Titanic.

Now a woman has flown across the English channel as a passenger in an airplane — another notice to John Bull that they cannot be kept down!


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