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Pastor’s Corner

October 23, 2012

It is hard to believe the kids have been back to school for a couple months now. There are families trying to balance school activities, sports and other things — sometimes with more than one child.

We can easily start to lose focus on what is really important and should be the priority in our life. Are you so busy that you’re not spending time as a family with no distractions? Is your time with God suffering or getting put off because you’re stretched too thin? God should be the head of our house and a priority in our life. It is real easy when life gets so busy to give God what is left over of our time, if any time at all.

We are almost into the holiday season, and life will get even busier. My prayer is for each of us to make sure we are giving time to God and spending some time as a family one on one without any distractions of sports, television or whatever it is that gets between us.

I once heard a story about a little boy who asked his dad how much he made an hour at work. The dad tried to ignore the question, but the little boy was very persistent. Finally, the father told him $10 an hour just to quiet him down. As the father left the room, he heard the boy say something about only needing a few more dollars and he would have enough money. The father then asked him, “money for what?” The little boy replied, “I only need a few more dollars so I can buy an hour of your time.”

Do your kids feel that way? Are you spending time with them or are they needing to buy some time? The bible says in Psalms 127:3 that children are a heritage from the Lord. God has given them to us. Are you loving them and nurturing them in a Godly way?


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