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Linenberger: Take care on the road

September 4, 2012

With students back in school, traffic naturally increases at certain times during the day.

We always should be attentive when on the road, whether it’s summer break or when school is in session.

Tonganoxie Water Park, for instance, is a spot youths frequent often during the summer, and many of them walk to the park. That means many are crossing Main Street, which is one of the more traveled streets in Tonganoxie.

Another is Washington Street, which runs on the north side of Tonganoxie Middle School.

And during the school year, it’s an even busier road.

Unfortunately, there was an accident there Thursday involving a TMS fifth-grader in which an SUV struck the child.

The 10-year-old suffered a broken femur and was taken to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo.

It’s hoped that the girl makes a full recovery from the accident. Whenever an accident occurs, there’s speculation as to what happened. Tonganoxie police say no citations are planned for the driver of the vehicle. It’s a tough situation all the way around, but it’s another reminder that we must be alert when being on the road or anywhere near it.

For drivers, traveling at reasonable speeds, especially in school zones where it never hurts to travel even lower than the posted speed, is a must. Keeping an eye out for the surroundings and keeping one’s mind off a cell phone are paramount.

For pedestrians, caution is key, too.

There are times when those driving might not be attentive. Not to repeat what you learned as a child, but look both ways before crossing the road. And keep taking ganders each way as you cross the street.

Tonganoxie Middle School recently was named one of the top middle schools in the country.

I’d much rather hear about such accolades at 824 Washington St. than emergency officials being called to the address for a traffic accident.

Down the street to the west is Genesis Christian Academy, while Tonganoxie Elementary School is near another well-traveled street — Fourth Street. And Tonganoxie High School is along U.S. Highway 24-40.

Tonganoxie also has many residents who utilize its trail system. Walkers and runners always are out and about. Just more reminders to be mindful when you’re on or near Tonganoxie’s streets in any capacity.

— Shawn Linenberger is news editor for The Mirror.


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