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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

September 18, 2012

“Yes, it is very had to believe, but the moles are gone.” That’s been my answer so many times now, and yes, I will mention it again.

Those little pests are so destructive. They don’t eat bait, poison, etc., so they are so very hard to run off or get rid of in any way at all. 

But there is such a simple trick: kitty litter. Just put some used kitty litter in their diggings. I scattered some over my yard, just like a kitty might be living and digging here now. They are not even close to my yard any longer.

When they begin working in your yard or garden, you’ll know. They work through the night, burrowing just under the surface. Maybe just after a rain, when the ground is soft and moist and the earthworms are up close to the surface in the roots of the grass — the robins are after the worms — there are those little tunnels just under the surface. Moles, of course. If you look closely, you will see tiny weeds not even wilted in the hot sun. A mole is right there. He just shoved that tunnel of earth up as he shoved on underneath.

Some folks even shoot into the soil, having learned just how to target them. Then, there was the family watching as their cat also spotted the soil moving and dug quickly and grabbed a mole. I’m told they even tunnel under streets and travel on. I certainly believe it.

After our unusually long, hot summer, the grass all died and weeds of sorts made it. I found one strange creeper of a sort. It really puzzled me. “What in the world is this one?” Heavy, tough, I couldn’t pull it, so I got my cutters and cut it out. I picked it up and realized “Hey, this is a first cousin or, no, is it? Yes, it is usually such a small, almost dainty-like ground cover.” This just had to be what it would be if found in a desert, a true survivor. I found several more over the lawn. There are plants like that, we know.

Enjoy this great weather now, and pass on those hugs.

— Aunt Norie, PO Box 265, Tonganoxie, KS 66086;


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