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September 18, 2012

Glen Weld filled the pulpit Sunday, Sept. 9, at Springfield Friends Church in the absence of Pastor Rob Santel.

Jeanette Cole, Luke and Emily, and Evelyn Schwinn had lunch on Sunday, Sept. 9, at the Pizza Hut in Lansing for Luke’s 15th birthday, which was Monday, Sept. 10. His cousin, Jeff Gillaspie, shares the same birthday. Jeff turned 38.

Ray Cole was away on Saturday and Sunday, helping teach a hunter’s safety course.

The 2012 Schwinn reunion will be Sept. 30 at the Schwinn Produce Farm event barn, 17624 Santa Fe Trail, Leavenworth. There will be a potluck dinner at 1 p.m. Table service and drinks will be provided.

The area farmers are very busy with the corn harvest. It’s a little disappointing in many instances. The drought took a toll on it this year. However, they are thankful for what they get and look forward to next year.

Linda Haley went Monday, Sept. 3, to Great Bend to stay with her brother, Ron Bell. She returned Sept. 8.

Bill and Helen Nowlan left in June to live in their cabin during the summer months. They came home in September. Their cabin is in Lake George, Colo. They were gone three months.

Kirk and Austin Knapp were supper guests on Monday, Sept. 9, with Kirk’s parents, Anabel and Wayne Knapp.

It is so nice to have cooler weather. It has been a very hot summer for everyone.


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