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Going door-to-door in Tonganoxie

City ordinances regulate solicitors

August 27, 2013

A man selling steaks recently stopped at City Administrator Nathan McCommon’s home.

As McCommon opened his front door, the man noticed a “No Solicitors” sign McCommon had posted.

Ideally the man would have noticed the sign before knocking on McCommon’s door, but he left shortly after.

It’s a time of year when residents might see more people selling items door-to-door.

The practice is legal, but McCommon said there are stipulations about which residents might want to be cognizant.

Anyone selling items door-to-door, just like any other business owner in Tonganoxie, is required to have a business license. The license, which is free, can be obtained at City Hall.

“We’ve been giving out a lot of business licenses for solicitors,” McCommon said.

McCommon said he estimated about a dozen people in the door-to-door business applied for the licenses.

If residents think the solicitors are running a questionable practice, they always can ask to see the salesperson’s business license.

And, if residents don’t want to be disturbed, they can post a “no solicitation” sign near the front door.

If the salesperson ignores the sign and continues to bother a resident, the salesperson’s actions are considered harassment, McCommon said. Residents can contact City Hall, 913-845-2620, or Tonganoxie police, 913-369-3754, to report any complaints.

McCommon said he hasn’t received any calls of complaints at City Hall about solicitors this summer, but he encourages residents to let the city know about any issues they may have.

The salespeople legally can visit Tonganoxie residences if they have valid business licenses, but residents also don’t have to hear about the products they’re trying to sell.

“All the resident has to say is ‘not interested‚‘ and close the door,” McCommon said.


William Peak 4 years, 9 months ago

A check of the Tongie Sell and Shop site will highlight problems with salespeople that several residents have experienced. Bill Peak


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