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Remember When: A community review of Tonganoxie

July 23, 2013

10 years ago: July 9, 2003

A controversial rezoning project is headed back to the drawing board. Greg Ward, who had proposed constructing townhouses on 5 acres on the west side of Smiley Road, north of Hatchell, has reconsidered his plan.

Madison Bowers practices her swimming technique at Tonganoxie swimming pool. Helping her stay afloat are swimming instructors Madison Weller and Desarae Rieke. Darren Shupe, pool manager, said attendance has been good this year at swimming lessons where about 75 students are currently enrolled. (Caption under picture.)

Death: Betty J. Rodell, 67, Tonganoxie, died July 5, 2003, at her home.

During an interview, Alex Bartels smiles as she ponders her answer to a question. She grins and then looks thoughtfully at the ceiling as she frames the perfect response (Alex, age 10, was appointed a junior board member of BellyWashers. She would be serving as an adviser for new flavors and products and receiving new character bottles as they were released. BellyWashers are drinks in reusable bottles that come in varying pop culture characters, incuding cartoon characters.).

25 years ago: June 29, 1988

A few short of 40 came on Sunday to a basket dinner at the Florence Riford Senior Club to renew and recall their days at the Smith Country Schoolhouse. Not only the former students came but their families and friends were there to help enjoy the day (Mr. and Mrs. Fred Leimkuhler were taking pictures of the group and individuals.).

Deaths: Helen E. Carr, 83, Odenville, Alabama, died June 22 in Birmingham, Ala. She was born April 1, 1905, in Tonganoxie; Mabel E. Stafford, 87, Lawrence, died June 26, 1988, at her home; Noel Edward Cook, 65, Ottawa, died June 25, 1988; Carl K. McMechan, 45, was found dead Friday in a wooded area west of Tonganoxie. The death was thought to be heat-related.

RJ Stephenson recently captained a white water raft down the San Juan River in southern Utah. For the last few years RJ has spent his vacation time as a boatman for Rick Fisher of Arizona’s Wilderness Expeditions. However, this year RJ’s wife, Karen, and five-year-old daughter Marissa, joined him for their first river vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Throop will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on Saturday, July 2, 1988, with a reception from 2-4 p.m. at the Florence Riford Center in Tonganoxie. All are invited to attend.

50 years ago: July 18, 1963

Births: Mr. and Mrs. David Parker Jr. of LaJolla, Calif., announce the birth of their son, Eric David, born July 17, 1963; Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Ammel of Leavenworth announce the birth of a daughter on July 16, 1963.

Deaths: William Penn Fincher, Kansas City, Kan., died July 16, 1963, at the age of 95. Mr. Fincher lived in Tonganoxie from 1902 to 1951, where he operated a jewelry business; Lester Verdell Williams, Tonganoxie, died July 17, 1963, at the age of 51 years.

Weekly Comment about this and that: (Jere J. Neibarger) “If you need a doctor real bad, you can probably get one in a town like Tonganoxie.” This opinion was voiced by an elderly couple moving here from the city. While small towns have difficulty securing even one good doctor when an elderly physician dies or moves away, Tonganoxie has two excellent doctors with new, modern office facilities and experienced women assistants. Dr. David F. Parker has been here for many years and Dr. Phil Stevens is a fairly young doctor from a longtime medical family in Oskaloosa. Good medical service and facilities are a great asset to Tonganoxie extending to other adjoining small towns and farm territory.

A 4-year-old Linwood girl was rushed Tuesday to the University of Kansas Medical Center with a police escort after she was bitten by a copperhead snake at her home Lina Hook, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hook, was bitten on the little finger of her right hand. A playmate said she fell off her tricycle when the snake frightened her. Her father killed the snake with a large board and the parents took it with them to the hospital for positive identification. Lina was being given anti-snake bite serum. — KC Times.

75 years ago: June 23, 1938

James Kincaid, 80, a watermelon producer, rural route two, Tonganoxie, died last night at 9 o’clock. He had been ill one week.

Mrs. Bertha Fowler of Kansas City, formerly of Tonganoxie, died Monday morning after a brief illness.

Mrs. Martha Woods was hostess at a tea at the Henry Hicks home Sunday afternoon for the benefit of the A.M.E. Church. Several out-of-town guests attended.

From “It Happened in Kansas” by FA Cooper: Mount Oread, the present site of the University of Kansas, was originally a fort. The fort was built by James A. Lane in 1856 for the defense of Lawrence but was never used. It stood, abandoned and useless, during Quantrill’s Raid in 1863 and the next year this building-of-war was replaced by the buildings of peace, the State University. The Garden of Eden is in Lucas. It is a group of fantastic trees, statues and buildings made out of concrete and native stone. It was started in 1907 by Samuel P. Dinsmoar because he liked to work with native stone. The tomb in which he is buried forms a part of the group.

The new underpass on No. 40 at Lawrence is completed, and a fine job. Probably it cost a lot of money. But when one reads about people getting killed at these crossings, it is self-evident the lives are more important than money. Work is starting also on the curve at Mud Creek, another investment that will reduce hazards of driving on the highway.

100 years ago: July 3, 1913

There would be less mad dog scares if people would water their canine pets. Very few people ever think of giving dogs water, thinking that the animals can rustle their own drinks. It is surprising what an amount of water a dog will consume on hot days if it is given to him.

One of the good features of the Chautaqua to be held here at the close of summer will be a lecture by the noted cartoonist Ned Woodman. His work is original and he draws pictures while he talks. Mr. Woodman’s work is such that he wraps the listener in sadness one minute and the next minute fills him with mirth.

Tonganoxie has nine places where soda water can be purchased. There need be no alarm about a shortage of drinks the Fourth.

Ivan Angell has found employment with a mining company on some work for a water power on a stream three miles from Juneau, Alaska. He writes his folks that shaves are 25 cents there, hair cuts 50 cents and everything in proportion.


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