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Remember When: A Community Review

June 4, 2013

10 years ago: May 21, 2003

(Caption under picture.) Tonganoxie High School’s 2003 valedictorian, Andrew Becker, and salutatorian Kelly Woelk, prepare for graduation ceremonies Saturday night.

LMH names physician for clinic: A physician has been chosen to staff Lawrence Memorial Hospital’s new clinic in Tonganoxie. Dr. William B. Weatherford has been hired to staff the family practice clinic the hospital is planning to construct. The new clinic will be built just west of First State Bank and Trust’s bank at U.S. Highway 24-40 and Laming Road.

Deaths: Helen Margaret Ann (Striegel) Hundley, 87, Basehor, died May 18, 2003; George Newton Chaffin, 85, Kansas City, Kan., died May 18, 2003; Pauline Effie Fry, 89, Tonganoxie, died May 13, 2003.

The speaker at Tuesday’s meeting of the Tonganoxie Community Historical Society will be Brad Logan, research associate curator at Kansas State University. Logan has a team of students on an archeological dig for Indian artifacts at an area site discovered earlier by Scott Demaranville. His talk will center on “Excavations in Stranger Creek Valley.”

Top athletes named at THS: Jennifer Reischman, Andrew Miller and Katie Jeannin were named to top athletic honors by coaches and letter club members last week. Kyle Norris also received recognition.

25 years ago: May 11, 1988

A salute to Wayne Kirby: During the rash of grass and brush fires this spring, you might have seen Tonganoxie Township Fire Department’s most recent addition to its rolling stock. The new kid on the block is a retired M-50 Jeep from the forestry service. This is the most compact and maneuverable vehicle the Township has, and was invaluable on several occasions this year. (Mr. Kirby took the old Jeep to his farm shop and spent two months restoring it.)

Talent Identification Program, sponsored by Duke University, will be honoring Steven Moore, a seventh grade student attending Tonganoxie Junior High for his fine performance in the 1987-88 talent search program. The recognition ceremony will be conducted at Emporia State University on June 7, 1988.

The announcement of 1,922 Kansas State University students as “candidates for degrees” this Friday and Saturday (May 13-14) gives KSU a potential 1988 graduating class of 3,492. Shelly Jean Saathoff of Tonganoxie will receive a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Shelly is the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Ben Saathoff of Tonganoxie.

(Caption under picture.) Norma High’s collection of “Annie” souvenirs reminding everyone of the Community Theater’s production of “Annie” coming up soon.

Twenty-three second-graders from McLouth had a field day at Nan’s Greenhouse on Friday afternoon. They were accompanied by their teachers, Mrs. Nowasell, and the bus driver, Joette Ryan.

50 years ago: May 30, 1963

Miss Frances Ann Wickey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Wickey, Route 3, Tonganoxie, was graduated from St. Luke’s School of Nursing, Kansas City, Mo., on May 20, 1963. Miss Wickey was winner of the Miller Scholarship at the Tonganoxie Rural High School in 1960. She has been active in many things at St. Luke’s, both social and governmental.

Death: Mrs. Mary Jane Jamison, Leavenworth, died May 27, 1963 in Tonganoxie.

Larry Rose, Air Force, son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Rose of Reno, has been on leave for a visit home and left Sunday for Vietnam, where he will serve a year.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reischman, a daughter, born May 28, 1963; Mr. and Mrs. Dean Cline of Des Moines, Iowa, formerly of Tonganoxie, a son, Jeffrey Dean, May 21, 1963.

Weekly comment about this and that: (Jere Neibarger): Memorial Day, which began as a tribute to fallen soldiers in the Civil War, has become a time for remembering and paying tribute to all our dead.

75 years ago: May 5, 1938

From “It Happened in Kansas” by F.A. Cooper: Wild Horses. The age of the wild horse in Kansas was just beginning. It is doubtful if the wild horse reached Kansas much before the 18th century. In 1806 Co. Pike found that the Indians were still doing most of their hunting and fighting on foot. In fact, the wild horse was nearly as new to the Indians of 1806 as the automobile is to us today. From the 18th century on, the roving bands of wild horses increased so rapidly that they would soon have become as numerous on the Kansas plains as the buffalo, if their cycle of growth had not been destroyed by the settlers … Mrs. Minnie Wolfe of Bellaire has the distinction of being born, somewhere in Kansas, on an early-day wagon train. The wagon train was made up of 100 prairie schooners bound from Iowa to California in the year 1864.

Basehor News: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hammond of Leavenworth, and formerly of Basehor, announce the birth of a daughter Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. R.R. Cain motored Sunday to Troy to see the 10,000 acres of apple trees in bloom. They were accompanied by their little son, John James, and Mrs. Georgia Ramsaye.

100 years ago: May 15, 1913

Dog tax is due May 1, and those owning or harboring dogs are required to pay. Those not paying are liable to arrest. Tags can be secured at the City Hall. E.F. Coolidge, City Hall.

The stork has been a busy bird around Tonganoxie lately. The numerous family accessions recently were supplemented by the birth of twins, a boy and a girl, at the home of Henry Payne last Thursday three miles east of town.

The Lawrence school board has purchased an adding machine, and some of the patrons are wondering what the board is going to use it for.

Miss Addie Randall, who has been Miss Spoor’s for the past few seasons, left Tuesday for her home in Kansas City.

Lightning struck the Friendship Valley schoolhouse two miles north of town about 10 p.m. yesterday and the building was destroyed. The schoolhouse was not an old one and was the only brick rural school in this part of the county. School had already closed, so the loss is only financial.


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