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Tonganoxie Days: Shawnee team wins big at event’s BBQ Blowout

Brew 'N' Bar-B-Que was the grand champion of the 2013 Tonganoxie Days BBQ Blowout. The Shawnee-based team won the title and a $1,250 cash prize. Pictured, from left, are Chris Cox, Dan Mills and event coordinator Jim Hannah.

Brew 'N' Bar-B-Que was the grand champion of the 2013 Tonganoxie Days BBQ Blowout. The Shawnee-based team won the title and a $1,250 cash prize. Pictured, from left, are Chris Cox, Dan Mills and event coordinator Jim Hannah.

June 11, 2013, 3:10 p.m.

Updated: June 11, 2013, 3:35 p.m.

BBQ Blowout results

Top 10 results — Overall

  1. Brew ‘N’ Bar-B-Que, 699.4284; 2. Truebud BBQ, 685.1428; 3. Dirt Road BBQ, 678.2856; 4. Smoke ‘N Babes, 674.8568; 5. S&S BBQ, 671.9996; 6. KC Smoke Dawgs, 661.1424; 7. Swine Enthusiast BBQ, 661.1422; 8. This Is How We Que It, 660.5708; 9. Cygneture BBQ, 658.8572; 10. Blowin Smoke, 658.857.

Top 10 results — Chicken

  1. Butt, Butt, Butt, Butt, Butt; 172; 2. Blowin Smoke, 171.4288; 3. Pure Smoke, 170.2858; 4. Piggys Going Postal, 169.1428; 5. Rub-N-Tug BBQ, 168.5714; 6. Truebud BBQ, 168.5714; 7. Swine Enthusiast BBQ, 168.5712; 8. Just Smoked Your Butt, 168.0002; 9. Brew ‘N’ Bar-B-Que, 168; 10. Burning Sensations, 167.9998.

Top 10 results — Ribs

  1. Brew ‘N’ Bar-B-Que, 177.1428; 2. Passions of the Pit, 173.1428; 3. This Is How We Que It, 171.4284; 4. Swine Enthusiast BBQ, 170.2856; 5. Dusty Roads BBQ, 170.2856; 6. Truebud BBQ, 169.7144; 7. KC Smoke Dawgs, 169.7142; 8. Dirt Road BBQ, 168.5714; 9. Blowin Smoke, 168.5714; 10. 2 Drunk 2 Que, 166.8572.

Top 10 results — Pork

  1. Brew ‘N’ Bar-B-Que, 175.4284; 2. Truebud BBQ, 173.1428; 3. Smoke ‘N Babes, 171.4284; 4. Dirt Road BBQ, 170.8570; 5. My Three Sons-In-Law, 169.7144; 6. Cygneture BBQ, 169.143; 7. Blazing Saddles, 169.1428; 8. Gonna Get Messy, 169.1426; 9. Bid Wiz Player BBQ Team, 168; 10. Hemphill Smoker, 168.

Top 10 results — Brisket

  1. Brew ‘N’ Bar-B-Que, 178.8572; 2. S&S BBQ, 177.143; 3. Dirt Road BBQ, 174.8572; 4. Truebud BBQ, 173.7142; 5. Smoke ‘N Babes, 171.4286; 6. Swine Tingling Barbeque, 169.7142; 7. Swine Enthusiast BBQ, 167.4286; 8. Porky McBeef & the Clucker, 166.857; 9. Bid Wiz Player BBQ Team, 166.2856; 10. FUBAR-B-Q, 166.2856.

A perennial competitor for the last five years, Chris Cox is no stranger to the Tonganoxie Days BBQ Blowout.

Cox and his Shawnee-based team, Brew ‘N’ Bar-B-Que, had come painfully close to the elusive title of grand champion, finishing third on two separate occasions. In Saturday’s edition, though, the team finally experienced the taste of sweet, tangy victory.

Brew ‘N’ Bar-B-Que won top honors at the 18th annual event with an overall score of 699.4284, beating out reserve champion Truebud BBQ by more than 14 points. Cox and teammate Dan Mills won the ribs, pork and brisket divisions and took ninth in the chicken division on the way to their overall title.

“It’s always exciting to get your name called,” Cox said. “That’s why we do this. You have to enter all of them in order to win the grand champion. You’ve got to try to do consistently in all four of them.”

One of 49 teams in the contest — up from 38 a year ago — Cox and Mills left town with the grand champion trophy and a $1,250 cash prize. The top prize has traditionally been $1,000, but was increased this year because of the larger number of teams.

Truebud BBQ, a Tonganoxie-based team comprised of Boyd Abts, Christy Brown and Tim Grant, took home a $750 prize and reserve champion trophy. The team finished in the top six in every category.

Ribbons were awarded for the top 10 finishers in each category, and the top seven also received payouts.

The barbecue contest was among a long list of Tonganoxie Days festivities. The day started with the Tonganoxie Public Library Run/Walk, which has now taken place in 26 of 28 Tonganoxie Days celebrations.

Saturday’s events also included a festival that covered most of downtown. Several vendors sold crafts and food, local bands and groups performed throughout the day and children were treated to a petting zoo, face painting and various games.

“Things went pretty well,” said Nick Hoegler, a first-year volunteer. “People flowed in slowly but surely, and the weather stayed pretty nice.”

Hoegler had never volunteered before this year, but has worked as a vendor for H Avenue Clothing and Hair in previous years.

As usual, the festival ran in conjunction with a classic car show at VFW Park. This year’s show included 91 cars — a slight increase from last year’s show.

Judges awarded prizes for the top 20 cars, as well as individual prizes for the best Chevorlet, best Ford, best GMC, best paint job and best engine.

“I thought there was a really good turnout this year compared to last year,” said Doc Holliday, a Tonganoxie resident and second-year participant. “It’s one of the easiest car shows I’ve ever done and one of the best I’ve ever done.”

Holliday entered three cars in this year’s show — a 1950 GMC pickup, a 1958 Chevy Corvette and a 2000 Chevy Corvette.

The day’s festivities ended with a concert by the Roz Quartet at Chieftain Park. A bean bag tournament was scheduled to make its Tonganoxie Days debut at the park, but the event was canceled because of lack of interest. Hoegler said the tournament may be rescheduled for the fall.


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