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Brownback running for re-election

June 21, 2013

— Gov. Sam Brownback is running for re-election.

A message recently sent to supporters seeks to raise funds for the 2014 election.

"With your help, we're turning Kansas around," the message from Brownback says.

Brownback, a Republican elected in 2010, says he turned a projected budget deficit into a surplus, increased private sector jobs and cut taxes.

"It's been a lot of work, but it's been worth it. Now is the time to protect and build on our achievements," he said.

Democrats have argued that budget shortfall problems were fixed primarily through the passage of a sales tax increase before Brownback took office, and that Brownback's tax cuts benefit the wealthy and will hurt funding for education and social services.

But no Democrat has announced an intention to take on Brownback in the governor's race.

David Kensinger, who is president of Brownback's political action committee, today said, "The Governor is running for re-election and is actively raising funds and mobilizing grassroots supporters.There has not been a conventional announcement tour per se, but he is a candidate for re-election with an active committee."


LoneRanger 4 years, 10 months ago

OMG!!! This guy and his army of elected orcs are driving this state off a cliff with their delusional economics, mean-spirited attitudes to anyone of the middle and lower classes, contrary thinking toward anyone who supports education, public safety, good business/policy practices and their consistent support for special interests!!!

OMG!!! The elected majority brags about their tax cuts which really are tax shifts with more burden on the middle class. They brag about all the new businesses that will come here due to the income tax giveaways but where are the new businesses and where are the educated members of the work force that will serve these industries???

OMG!!! The elected majority brags about its legislative accomplishments which will likely cause the expenditures of hundreds of thousands of state monies defending adopted state laws that will be proven to be unconstitutional.

OMG!!! This guy and his army of elected orcs will likely get re-elected in spite of the last two legislative years of laughable work product that will negatively impact this state for years to come!!!


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