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Jarbalo Jottings

June 25, 2013

Joel Immell recently had the misfortune of having his hay baler catch on fire.

Rosie Oelschlaeger, Marilyn Oxley and Helen McBroom had lunch Thursday at 24-40 Roadside Cafe in Basehor.

There was recently a segment in the “Remember When” article from Centennial about rocks being hauled and piled up along the roadside to be crushed. Centennial was the grade school a mile west of the farm on which I grew up. I have a picture of my sister, Beth, and me feeding baby lambs with bottles. The piles of rocks can be seen in the background. The rock crusher was pulled along by a caterpillar. However, the crushed rocks were very large. I got a new pair of shoes from Sears and Roebuck to wear to school, and within a month, the rocks had ground the soles to shreds.


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