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March 19, 2013

Becky Wolfe, Kinlee and Keaton visited their grandmother, Evelyn Schwinn, March 7.

Herbert and Genevieve Schwinn, Danny and Linda and Evenly Schwinn went March 8 to Montana Mike’s in Lawrence where Mary Barbara Allen, Susie Lane, Carolyn Thomas and Jacqulen Wolf joined them for Mary Barbara’s birthday.

The Schwinn brothers attended the Kansas Livestock Association meeting and lunch at the Leavenworth County Fairgrounds.

Charlesey Coffin turned 5 on March 10. She is the daughter of Michael and Abbey Coffin.

The Schwinn brothers attended the meeting and lunch of the Millard Management Fram Insurance on March 12 in Lawrence.

Adam Schwinn, son of Johnny and Jackie Schwinn turned 21 on March 12.

Our thoughts and prayers to Kevin and Dyla Lawrence, who lost their barn and several sheep to a fire this past week.

Carol and Barbara Slaughter lost a daughter, Cheryl Brown, of Detroit Lake, Minn. She died in February. The Slaughters are from the Springdale area. The community wants to extend its sympathy to them.


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