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Remember When: A Community Review

March 26, 2013

10 years ago: March 19, 2003

A Tip of the Hat: Andrew Dent may have watched the parade from the sidelines, but clearly, Andrew and the hundreds of other parade-goers who also sported the green, played a big part in Tonganoxie’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. Andrew is the son of Scott and Lisa Dent.

Monday night, President George W. Bush issued an ultimatum to Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein — either leave Iraq with his two sons — or face military invasion by the United States.

Births: Donna Marie and Billy Don Henley Jr., Tonganoxie, a son, Cody Don Henley, born Nov. 7, 2002; David and Monica Morgan, Tonganoxie, a daughter, Madalyn Dianne, born Feb. 22, 2003; Jessica Rae Fish Ramsey and Joshua Edward Ramsey, Lawrence, a son, Aiden Grae Ramsey, born Feb. 26, 2003.

Deaths: Charles “Charlie” Calvin Crane, 79, Kansas City, Kan., died March 12, 2003; Rachel Ann Nave, 18, McLouth, died March 10, 2003; Mary Karen Hancock, 58, Tonganoxie, died March 14, 2003; Bernard Francis Uhlrich, 86, Tonganoxie, died March 14, 2003.

On Saturday, the spotlight will shine on lifetime Linwood resident Ray Zimmerli. Zimmerli, 71, has been chosen to receive the Ovid Snyder Award for service to the Linwood Community.

For as long as most folks can remember, Ray and Edith Martin have lived on a hill with a dog named King and International Harvester tractors in the barn (The article continued telling of Mr. Martin’s collection — caption under a picture showed him with a tractor and said he had collected for about 30 years.).

25 years ago: March 9, 1988

The Larimore’s, Charles “Chuck”, Carole and their daughter, Debbie, will celebrate their 25th anniversary on March 12, 1988. They are, as of today, the oldest restaurant serving the public in Tonganoxie. It is called “Chuck’s Drive-In”. Mr. Larimore bought the A&W from Ray Hunter in 1962 and opened his place in 1963 on March 12.

Martha Smelser, of RR 1, McLouth, will celebrate her 90th birthday on March 13, at a reception in her honor at the United Methodist Church in McLouth.

Time to move: Tonganoxie Junior High will move to the new building according to the following schedule: Thursday, March 10 — School will be canceled for junior high students. However, teachers are accepting student volunteers to help pack and load supplies (Pictured were Mrs. Marie McDaniel, who had taught 10 years in the same classroom; Tom Low cleaning out his locker and Mrs. Roberta Michael, junior high librarian packing hundreds of books and periodicals.).

Students in Chris Weller’s eighth grade industrial arts class have just completed a unit on architecture. During this unit the students designed houses, drew blueprints for their designs and constructed 1/4 inch scale models from the blueprints. These models were constructed from 1/4 inch foam board and were complete with walls inside the house. (Pictured were Roger Fales and Joe Carey with their model.).

50 years ago: March 28, 1963

Deaths: Friends here received word of the death of Mrs. E.O. Lynn, of Glasgow, Ky., who had lived at one time north of Tonganoxie; Fred Miller, Tonganoxie, formerly of Leavenworth, died March 23 at the age of 81 years; Herbert Lee Kaster, Reno, died March 23 at the age of 60 years; Miss Marjorie Florence Leakey, Seattle, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. E. P. Leakey, formerly of Tonganoxie, died March 12, 1963 of a heart ailment.

Weekly Comment about this and that: (Jere J. Neibarger) According to Dr. Ernest L. Wilkinson, President, Brigham Young University, “Federal aid means federal control of education — no matter how you get it.”

Jarbalo: Jarbalo High School received a number two rating for their play “While The Toast Burned,” which was presented Saturday at Shawnee Mission High School. There were 23 schools that participated.

75 years ago: March 3, 1938

Tonganoxie will have the largest water supply of any small town in Kansas when the tunnel is completed.

Deloris Annette Thompson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Adlai Thompson, on the Kinney farm on No. 16, arrived on Washington’s birthday. The name is a mistake. It should be Georgia.

Ralph Karr is moving to a farm near Iola. He purchased a truck and has hauled several loads.

Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Mason have given the name Dean Byron to their son, born Feb. 19, 1938.

A Tramp Camp at Creek: Home Life of Wanderers Is Not So Grand at Tonganoxie: A haven for the knights of the road seems to be in the ravine along the railroad track between the condensory and the Hunter Lumber Company. For the past two weeks, tramps have been seen meandering along at the usual speed tramps pursue, to disappear into the ravine. (The tramps were pumping cans of water from Jim Fox’s yard and asking for coffee, etc.)

100 years ago: March 13, 1913

Niculae Lepinzan, a Austrian, was instantly killed at nine o’clock Sunday morning in Linwood by being struck by the fast eastbound Union Pacific passenger train. An Ingersoll dollar watch carried by the victim had not stopped running when he was picked up. This with a five cent piece constituted the only valuables the man had.

Mrs. Lem Evans was most agreeably surprised Wednesday of last week, when a number of ladies arrived at her home to spend the afternoon. The occasion was her 71st birthday and the average of the guests present was the allotted three score and ten.

Dr. R.F. Slaughter reports the arrival of a boy at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gress last Friday.

John Christensen is now having the addition built to the Star Creamery. He will have the milk receiving room made lighter and will have blue grass on the outside of the plant Mr. Christensen says in Denmark, his old home, considerable effort is made in beautifying the surroundings of a milk plant.


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