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Crazy Dress Day to promote awareness of MPS next week

May 7, 2013

McLouth Elementary School will have its eighth annual Crazy Dress Day on Wednesday, May 15, to promote awareness of mucopolysaccharidoses type IIA or MPS.

Seth Van Nostrand, who is 14, is a eighth-grader at McLouth Middle School and has MLS, or Severe Hunter Syndrome as it’s also known.

There will be a presentation on MPS shown at 8:30 a.m. in an all-school assembly and Crazy Dress Day contests throughout the day in each classroom and a Crazy Dress Day contest for teachers during the assembly. An MPS awareness booth also will be available during lunch periods.

Seth is one of two youths in Kansas with Severe Hunter Syndrome.

There is no cure for the disease, but there is a weekly enzyme replacement therapy infusion called Eleprase that helps fight the disease.

The disease is named after Charles Hunter, a professor of medicine in Manitoba, Canada, who first described two brothers with the disease in 1917.

According to, children with the hereditary disease are missing an enzyme the body needs to break down complex sugars.


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