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Pastor’s Corner: Mike Bronson

May 7, 2013

Exodus 3:1 says that Moses was pasturing sheep in the wilderness. In fact, he had been in the wilderness for 40 years. Why would God call a man to a great work and then put him in the backside of the desert for four decades? Perhaps it seems that God has placed you in the wilderness and it seems to make little sense or have little purpose. There could be two reasons:

  1.  Sometimes God wants to refine you in the adversity of the wilderness. The wilderness is an unpleasant place. You look for an escape: greener pastures, quieter waters and an easier life. Yet in a time of refinement, you find there are no green pastures in the wilderness. Sometimes you can’t even find an oasis. God is refining you, bringing you to a place of total dependence upon him. It is only in the place of dependence that you are usable and fruitful.

  2. Sometimes He wants to remove you from the familiarity of the wilderness. When Moses was called to leave the wilderness, Moses had excuses. He said, “Who am I that I should go? Who should I say sent me? What if they don’t believe me?”

When he ran out of excuses, he confessed, “Lord, please send someone else.” The wilderness may be dry and boring and fruitless but it’s quiet and routine and familiar. Yet God has never called a believer to play it safe.

Be encouraged! God is refining you for great usefulness and fruitfulness in his kingdom. His reward will come at the end of the age.

­­— Rev. Mike Bronson is pastor at West Haven Baptist Church in Tonganoxie.


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