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Tonganoxie City Council agenda for Oct. 7 meeting

October 7, 2013

Tonganoxie City Council meeting

7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 9, 2013

Council Chambers, 321 Delaware

I. Pledge of Allegiance

II. Consent Agenda

a) Approval of Minutes – Regular Meeting dated September 16, 2013

b) Consider Approval of Bills - Approve Pay Ordinance A-1716

c) Consider approval of payment to Absolute Fire for fire sprinkler installation in the

amount of $9,450.

d) Consider approval of payment to Blue Cross and Blue Shield for employee

health insurance in the amount of $23,456.02.

e) Consider approval of payment to Central Salt for 2013-14 winter salt purchase

in the amount of $7,620.85.

f) Consider approval of payment to Honeycreek Disposal for the purchase of

monthly solid waste services in the amount of $22,782.75.

g) Consider approval of payment to J. Warren Company for traffic signal detection

camera repair in the amount of $2,600.

h) Consider approval of payment to Saltus Technologies for Digiticket grant

expenses in the amount of $6,531.85.

i) Consider approval of payment to Westar Energy for Street lights and electric

expenses in the amount of $9,938.66.

j) Consider approval of payment to First State Bank & Trust for a loan payment for

the 2011 F-250 for the Fire Department in the amount of $2,903.77.

Open Agenda

“Members of the public are welcome to use this time to comment about any matter

relating to City business. The comments that are discussed under Open Agenda may or

may not be acted upon by the Council during this meeting. Please wait to be recognized

by the Mayor, then state your name and address and all comments are to be directed

to the chair.”

III. Old Business

a) Update on Chieftain Trail

b) Update on utilities extension

c) Update on Hwy 24-40 improvements

  1. Approving an agreement with BG Consultants for traffic signal design

IV. New Business

a) Gallagher Property Update

b) 2013 Water Park Season in Review

c) Update on City shooting range

d) City Administrator Agenda

  1. Continuing Disclosure & Arbitrage Agreement with Springsted Financial

  2. Purchase of furnishings for the fire station addition

  3. Purchase of sewer plant explosion-proof heater

  4. Agreement for City Planning Services

  5. Agreement with Espy Services for an audit of phone records

  6. Employee performance evaluation policy

  7. Discussion on utility billing policies

  8. Closed session to discuss matters of non-elected personnel

  9. Request to fill Maintenance Worker I at Range 4, Step A and Police Officer at

Range 7, Step C

e) City Attorney Agenda

f) Mayor Agenda

g) Council President Agenda


h) City Council Agenda

  1. Retail Commercial Development Committee Report – Bill Peak

i. Approval of Ordinance No. 1350 - Amending Ordinance No. 1342

Retail Attraction and Retention Incentive Program, repealing

Section 2A sales tax rebate incentives

  1. Infrastructure Committee Report – Jim Truesdell

i. Update on sidewalk on Washington

  1. Industrial Park Committee Report – Chris Donnelly

  2. Update on fireproof storage in city hall – Bill Peak

V. Information & Communications (No Action Required)

  1. August Residential Building Statistics

  2. Update on recurring nuisance violations

VI. Adjourn


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