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Remember When: A Community Review

September 17, 2013

Editor’s note: Remember When will not be published in the coming weeks, but will return on a date to be determined.

10 years ago: Sept. 3, 2003

Caption under picture: Barbara Ledbetter kneels by the grave of her mother at Hubbel Hill Cemetery. Ledbetter would like to be able to leave flowers on the grave year-round. But, so that the grass can be trimmed, cemetery rules forbid placement of anything off the headstone during the summer months. (Ms. Ledbetter’s flowers and a metal holder, which she thought would be out of the way of cemetery mowers, had disappeared.)

Deaths: Carl D. “Pete” Denham, 60, Linwood, died Aug. 28, 2003; Camillia Racheal “Cams” Norman, 51, Tonganoxie, died Aug. 27, 2003; Pauline E. Nance, 87, Basehor, died Aug. 28, 2003; Nellie Lucille Petitt, 83, Oskaloosa, died Aug. 30, 2003; Hardy Trent, 82, Bonner Springs, died Aug. 29, 2003; Herschel V. Thompson, 85, Kansas City, Kan., died Aug. 29, 2003; Martin R. Emery, 52, Valley Falls, formerly of Tonganoxie, died Sept. 1, 2003.

Birth: Rob and Kimberly Trieb, McLouth, a daughter, Kloey Estelle, born July 29, 2003.

25 years ago: Aug. 24, 1988

On Sunday, Sept. 18, the Jarbalo United Methodist Church will celebrate its 100th anniversary beginning with the morning worship at 9:15 a.m. Church has taken place in various schoolhouses, but in 1887 under the leadership of the Rev. F.W. Faubian, plans were made for their own building. James McMillan donated a half-acre of land and a church was built, being finished in 1888. This building was remodeled several times, but in 1957, it was decided to tear the building down and build a new church. John DeFrees was the architect and men of the community built the church. Some of the ladies helped with finishing the interior by painting and varnishing. The church was dedicated debt-free 30 years ago on July 27, 1958.

Deaths: Leo J. Kiernan, 71, Winchester, died Aug. 21, 1988; Thomas Lee Monninger, Sr., 71, Baldwin, died Aug. 20, 1988; Frank I. Haney, Kansas City, Kan., died Aug. 17, 1988.

Birth: David and Donna Higbee, Tonganoxie, a daughter, Elizabeth Catherine, born Aug. 18, 1988.

The tractor pull Saturday night, Aug. 20, 1988, at the Leavenworth County Fairgrounds ended a week of activities for this years’ fair. Local participants included brothers Darrell and Gary Starcher of Tonganoxie and Bill Murr of McLouth. Both Starcher men have long histories of winning at pulls in the 350-mile area of Tonganoxie and eastern Kansas. Darrell has a 1984 Chevy, 2WD, 485 Blower, 7,000 RPM, called “Against All Odds.” This vehicle runs on methanol-alcohol and was built by Darrell and Gary.

50 years ago: Sept. 12, 1963

Death: Arthur B. Wiley, Crescent City, Calif., died Sept. 9, 1963.

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Trent Flory, Kansas City, Kan., a son, Scott Alan, Aug. 31, 1963.

Fred Zoellner recalls (this will really place him among the old timers) when his father, Frank Zoellner, a pioneer merchant here, was interested in a canning factory along about 1905. They had contracted for 200 acres of ripe tomatoes and sold the entire canned crop when heavy rains wrecked the tomatoes, and the elder Zoellner was frantically trying to get out of his contract on the canned product with a $500 penalty. It appears the canning factory went the way of the sorghum mill at Neely. At least the pioneers were busy trying something, including a coal mine test next to Ratliff’s Drug Store financed by a city bond issue.

75 years ago: Aug. 18, 1938

For A Municipal Library: Plan carried by 29 majority. Heavy vote cast in Monday’s special election despite rain — 357 ballots (188 for, 159 against).

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Rex Roberts, De Soto, a daughter, Rose Marie, born Aug. 11. Mrs. Roberts will be remembered as Miss Edna Penfold.

Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Stephenson and son, Billy, attended the reunion of former pupils of the Basehor Grade and High Schools Sunday at Basehor. Mr. Stephenson had the distinction of having attended both grade and high schools and having been principal of the high school.

100 years ago: Aug. 28, 1913

Jarbalo is an Indian name, and is said to signify “Hell of a place.” The Delaware Indians had a village in that vicinity in the early days and gave the place the name because of the rugged country around it. — Leavenworth Times. A more plausible explanation of the origination of the word Jarbalo has been current in the neighborhood for many years. In the early days, one of the trails from Leavenworth to the southwest crossed Jarbalo creek. The Mexican bull and mule whackers found the crossing so muddy at times that their wagons would get stuck and the men would yell out in anger, “Diablo,” the Spanish word for devil, and from this expression originated the name of the creek. “Diablo” creek to Jarbalo creek was an easy transposition and later, when the town was started, it took the name of the creek. .

John Todd has rented his farm north of town to D.J. Ferris and will move to town.

In preparation for winter, three carloads of coal are being dumped into school building bins while coal is cheap.

On a drive to Kansas City, the worst roads are in the southeast part of town. A few loads of clay and straw would easily put them into fine condition.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Osborne west of town, so Dr. Slaughter reports.

Walter Hoey went Sunday to Kansas City to stay with his aunt for a few days. He may go to a hospital then if he does not improve. He had either malaria or typhoid fever when he left here.


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