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Pastor’s Corner: True message behind Easter season

April 22, 2014

This last Sunday, Christians in our community and around the world celebrated Easter and the good news that good triumphs over evil, that love conquers hate, that life is more powerful than death, that hope is greater than fear and that the worst thing is never the last thing.

Sometimes the message of Easter is oversimplified – Jesus rose from the grave so that when we die we might also have life eternal. The promise of life everlasting is a profound part of our Christian faith, but I have come to appreciate the power of Easter even more fully this year.

On April 13, Mindy Corporon spent time with her son as he prepared for an audition. She heard him rehearse one last time, told him he’d do great, told him she loved him, and then sent him to the audition with his grandfather.

A short while later, after learning that the event she was supposed to attend had been canceled, Mindy arrived at the Jewish Community Center to connect with her family. Pulling into the parking lot she saw her father’s truck with the driver’s side door open. She approached the truck and saw her father lying on the ground surrounded by emergency personnel. She continued walking around the truck and caught a glimpse of her son lying on the ground before someone whisked her away. In a sudden and random act of violence, Mindy lost both her father and son. She did not, however, lose her faith.

Just a few hours later Mindy was present for a prayer vigil at a local church. She knew that her son’s friends and classmates were going to be present and she wanted to be there with them and for them. As she spoke that evening and again the next morning her words, her presence, her hope were all that of a person deeply grounded in her faith.

Mindy’s faith in the resurrected Christ serves for me as a powerful example of something I once heard a colleague say, “Faith is not just about pie in the sky when we die and the sweet by and by. It is found to be sound on the ground while we’re still around.”


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