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Tonganoxie children pen personal letters to Santa Claus

Britney Hoffman, a second-grader at Basehor Elementary School, has a chat with Santa Claus at the Basehor PRIDE Holiday Celebration on Friday, Dec. 16, at Basehor-Linwood Middle School. Britney asked Santa for a RipStik, a skateboard-like object with two wheels.

Britney Hoffman, a second-grader at Basehor Elementary School, has a chat with Santa Claus at the Basehor PRIDE Holiday Celebration on Friday, Dec. 16, at Basehor-Linwood Middle School. Britney asked Santa for a RipStik, a skateboard-like object with two wheels.

December 25, 2014

Editor's note: Tonganoxie youth wrote letters bound for the North Pole. Before they were delivered, The Mirror transcribed a few, per the children's words. Here are those letters:

Dear Santa,

I have been GOOD this year! I would love to have LEGO mindstone EV3 and all of the LEGO MINERAFT sets.



I want batteries in my stocking. I want a big green dinosaur, new play-doh, I also want some candy canes.


Dear Santa,

All SKYLANDERS of ALL 4 cans. 10 LAgoses. Please!

From Alex

Dear Santa,

I want toys. Even it will be a good Christmas! Have fun Santa.



Dear Santa,

I want a LEGO COD Ghosts Army fort with 2 Characters: Logan and Hesh. Can you save Reindeer a Cookie? Some people in my class don’t believe in you, But I do. Can my family have 2 elfs? Tell Rudolph I said hi! Give Tyrion a Christmas Spirit.



Dear St. Nicholas,

I hope you are doing good. I just wanted to tell you what was on my wishlist. I would like the Ultra Agent truck and also Cyclone jet, as well as the evil dragon castle. And a Lego Star Wars set. I also like the JM Cremp base. I would also like a Play Mobile Castle set. I hope that you’ll have a nice time when you go back to the North Pole.



Dear Santa,

I would like a night gown, and I want the same little clothing that my dolly has. I want a tiny little night gown for my doll. I want a toy puppy that my brother would like to play with. I’d like a Lego Friends set. I want some little stickers and some stickers for my brothers.



Dear Santa,

This year for Chrsitmas I would like a video camera, a pocket watch, and money.



Dear Santa,

You Rendeer have good food for all of them.

Xbox life, kid pool table.


Christmas list

  1. Camera

  2. I pod 5

  3. beats by dre

  4. Legoes

  5. cloths

  6. electric four weeler

  7. video game record

  8. windows laptop

  9. farming simulator

Dear Santa,

Santa this year want I what is clotehs, computer and a desk. Why I want clothes is because I can have more stuff to wear. I want an computer to play and do homework and why I want an desk is to put my things on it and put my computer on it. Santa you are awesome and amazing because you give everybody a present and delivers awesome presents to people. Tahnk you so much Santa. You’re amazing and awesome and the best Santa ever.



Dear Santa,

I have been good this year I want for Christams is a computer, a frozen bed cover and Frozen pillow as two. I want Frozen head phones. I want a black tablet that has a zebra case. I will leave you some cookies and milk, carrites for your raindeer.



Dear Santa

I have been a good boy this year.

I would like a concrete mixer and red dumptruck, a semi truck, a blue tablet.

Thankn you, Santa. I will leave you milk and cookies.


Dear Santa,

My name is Connor and I am 2 years old. I have been a very good boy this year. I came to see you Santa and I didn’t even cry this year. This year for Christmas I would like Caillou movies and toys. I love trucks and trains also. Santa I really need a toy box to keep all my trucks in. Santa I will help my mommy make cookies to leave for you on Christmas Eve. Almost forgot milk, too.

Love you, Santa. See you next year.

Your buddy,


Dear Santa

I think I have been a good boy this year. Also, youdon’t have to get me everything cause you must have a lot to do so I don’t blame you.

Nate’s Wish List

The zombie strike nerf blaster

A lego set. Suprise me (:

A diary of a Wimpy kid book, can you suprise me

An ipad you don’t have to get me that

A journal

Far cry 4 or call of duty advanced warfare

Zombie push from minecraft

Creeper action figure with tnt


Write or draw what you hope Santa will bring you on Christmas Eve.

1.) blue bird puzzle, 3-D

2.) rapunzel

3.) Dad Toots Less

4.) Toy bears not real

5.) new holiday cup from Barnes and Noble



Dear Santa,

I love you Santa. I hope that you have a gud trip. Hot weels. I will like brigt lyte blanket.


Dear Santa Claus,

You Are The Best! What I want for Christmas is calgirl pink butes, bright eyes blanket, and also a gogo to include a pink cat leash.



Dear Santa,

This Christmas all I want is a remote control car, Disney Universe

Dear Santa,

I would like this for Christmas and how are you, how are your reindeer?

  1. DS

  2. Chraru video game

  3. Millenium falcon lego set

  4. The Hobbit video game.

  5. Lord of the Ring video game.

From Luke

Dear Santa,

Foot spa, dress shoes, flower blanket, pillow, unicorn bike with kick stand.

Dear Santa,

This year has been really exciting! I started kindergarten and my mommy and daddy are having twin brothers for me! I have been good and learning new things. I even lost my first tooth and have 3 more loose! I hope to see you soon!

May you please bring me: Frozen dolls and PJs, books and puzzles, table and socks, underwear, healthy baby brothers



Dear Santa,

I love you Santa. American Girl Doll.



Dear Santa,

I have helped my parents out a lot this year. I hope to get presents this year.

A list of toy, other stuff I want for Christmas!!!

  1. A new backpack.

  2. Cloths

  3. A new comforter.

  4. A north face jacket.

  5. A north face hat.


Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy. I would like a Robot. Monster truck.

I love you.




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