Tonganoxie USD 464 has new telephone numbers

July 2, 2015

The Tonganoxie school district has new phone numbers starting today.

Numbers at the district office now are 913-416-1400 (phone) and 913-416-1408 (fax).

To contact the high school, call 913-416-1460 (main line), 913-416-1465 (attendance), 913-416-1466 (east campus counselor), 913-416-1443 (west campus counselor), 913-416-1467 (school resource officer), 913-416-1468 (east campus fax) or 913-416-1469 (west campus fax).

For calls to the middle school, call 913-416-1470 (main), 913-416-1475 (attendance), 913-416-1476 (counselor), 913-416-1478 (fax) or 913-416-1477 (school resource officer).

And for calls to the new elementary school, folks should dial 913-416-1480 (main), 913-416-1485 (attendance), 913-416-1486 (counselor), 913-416-1488 (fax) or 913-416-1487 (school resource officer).

The address for the new TES is 1180 S. East St.

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