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Tonganoxie Tidal Waves swim team opens season with victory

June 10, 2015

The Tonganoxie Tidal Waves swim team opened its season Friday with a dual meet against Bonner Springs.

Though early morning storms pushed the start of the meet back two hours, the weather eventually cooperated and the teams were able to compete at Tonganoxie Water Park.

The Tidal Waves had youths ages 6-18 competing in the meet.

“When the sun did finally come out, the meet went great,” said Janet Falk, Tidal Waves coach.

Tonganoxie’s next meet will be 7:30 a.m. Friday at the Leavenworth Aquatic Center, weather permitting.

On June 19, Tonganoxie will return home for another meet with Eudora.

And in a few weeks, Tonganoxie will wrap up the season by hosting the league meet. Prelims will take place June 29 and 30 and the finals will be July 2. All competitions will start at 7:30 a.m.

Here’s a look at Tonganoxie’s top finishers:


6 and younger

Henry Welsh, first place, freestyle and backstroke; Andrew Norman, second, freestyle and backstroke; Carter Bradley, third, freestyle.

8 and younger

Henry Welsh, Josiah Weatherford, Henry Wahl and Silas Kirchoff, first, freestyle relay; Silas Kirchoff, first, freestyle, butterfly and breaststroke; Luke Kesinger, second, breaststroke, and third, freestyle, butterfly and backstroke.

10 and younger

Gavin Shupe, Hudson Strahm, Joseph Duvall and Caleb Weatherford, first, freestyle relay; Cody Kesinger, first, freestyle, and second, butterfly; Dalton Regehr, first, butterfly, second, plain freestyle, and third, breaststroke; Alex Lungu, second, backstroke, and third, freestyle; Gavin Shupe, second, breaststroke; Joseph Duvall, third, backstroke.

12 and younger

Dakota Keeton, Cole Bennett, Alex Lungu, & Mason Khanthaboury, second, freestyle relay; Gage Hayden, second, freestyle; Ben Suber, second, backstroke; Cole Bennett, third, backstroke; Hunter Calovich, third, freestyle & butterfly, Declan Franey third, breaststroke.

14 and younger

Garrett Eason, Alex Falk, Sebastian Boone and Scotty Vick, first, freestyle relay; Garrett Eason, first, butterfly, second, freestyle and backstroke; Alex Falk, first in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke; Braxton Shupe, second, butterfly, and third, backstroke; Kyle Chambers, third, freestyle and butterfly; Scotty Vick, third, breaststroke.

18 and younger

Luke Falk, first, backstroke, second, freestyle and butterfly, third, breaststroke; Lee Seitter, Mitch Brock, Joe Derzinski and Lyndon Seitter, second place, freestyle relay; Mitch Brock, second, breaststroke; Jon Derzinski, second, backstroke; Holden DeGraff, third, freestyle, butterfly and backstroke.


6 and younger

Raegen McDermott, Grace Weatherford, Laney Unruh and Ava Barker, first, freestyle relay; Ava Barker, first, freestyle, second, backstroke; Marissa Dick, third, backstroke.

8 and younger

Lillie Kokoruda, Brittany Stein, Ella Pruitt and Maddie Pruitt, first, freestyle relay; Charlie Christner, third, freestyle; Isabel Ferguson, second, backstroke; Brette Hayden, first, breaststroke; Baylie Igleheart, first, backstroke, second, freestyle; Amanda Kite, third, backstroke; Ellie Suber, second, breaststroke.

10 and younger

Savannah Tucker, Corrine Morgan, Brilei Hendrix and Lainey Orr, second, freestyle relay; Isabelle Barker, second, freestyle, third, butterfly; Brilei Hendrix, second, breaststroke; Taylor Igleheart, third, backstroke; Mikayla Myers-Arenth, second, butterfly, third, freestyle; Lilly Pruitt second, backstroke; Mikayla Rhoads, first, freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke; Alaina Rogers, third, breaststroke.

12 and younger

Emily Long, Emma Morgan, Harlei Hendrix and Kristi Chambers, first in freestyle relay; Harlei Hendrix, second, backstroke and breaststroke; Merkaia Khanthaboury, first, breaststroke, second, butterfly, third, freestyle; Emma Morgan, second, freestyle; Theona Vaughn, first, freestyle and butterfly.

14 and younger

Rilee Garner, Meron Hayden, Bailey Bradley and Autumn Johnson, first in freestyle relay; Bailey Bradley, third, breaststroke, Rilee Garner, second, butterfly and breaststroke, third, freestyle; Meron Hayden, second, breaststroke, third, backstroke; Autumn Johnson, second, freestyle, third, butterfly.

18 and younger

Samantha Koch, third, backstroke; Lee Seitter, first, butterfly, second, breaststroke, third, freestyle; Lyndon Seitter, first, breaststroke, second, freestyle and backstroke.


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