Process continues with Tonganoxie charter ordinance

October 28, 2015

The process for the city’s latest charter ordinance continues with a second legal publication today.

Tonganoxie City Council approved a charter ordinance changing its form of government at the Oct. 19 regular meeting after another vote.

The council voted, 3-2, to approve a charter ordinance at its Oct. 5 meeting with intent to change the city’s form of government.

However, as City Attorney Mike Kelly explained Monday, the charter ordinance differs from some other ordinances in that it requires a 2/3 majority.

At the Oct. 19 meeting, Kelly also clarified that the mayor is considered part of the voting governing body and has the option to vote in the case of a charter ordinance.

The mayor normally only votes in the event of a tie among council members, which generally would only happen if someone is absent from a meeting. The council has five seats along with the mayor.

Mayor Jason Ward voted in favor of the change in government, making it a 4-2 vote with Curtis Oroke and Jim Truesdell voting against the measure as they did originally. Chris Donnelly, Andy Gilner and council president Kara Reed again voted in favor of the measure.

Charter Ordinance 26 gives superintendent authority to the city manager. That title currently is city administrator.

Under the ordinance, the council keeps authority over the city attorney, city manager and municipal judge, but day-to-day operations would be transferred to the city manager instead of the mayor.

The council discussed the ordinance initially at a special meeting Sept. 29. Truesdell said at that meeting that he would like to have discussion about who makes appointments to the various boards and commissions and wanted to discuss a new process that would be more inclusive of the city council.

The ordinance, per state statute, is to be published twice in The Mirror, the city’s official newspaper.

Today’s edition is the second publication of the proposed ordinance.

The next step in the process is a 61-day protest period in which citizens can collect signatures for a protest of the ordinance.

Gallagher Park progress

Plans for the new Gallagher Park south of Tonganoxie Water Park include personalized brick pavers that people can purchase.

The committee will be finalizing those plans and announce the brick paver drive in the coming months.

The Mirror has received some inquiries about and interest in the pavers.

For preliminary information, people can contact Jamie Shockley at Tonganoxie City Hall, 913-845-2620.

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