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Outstanding Leavenworth County 4-H member named last month

Several local residents win Leavenworth County Fair contests

August 31, 2016

Leavenworth County 4-H Council has created a new award for 2016 to recognize an outstanding senior 4-H member.

This year’s award goes to Christina Wiley of the Reno Bobwhite 4-H Club. She received a plaque and a gift card.

Christina Wiley is the daughter of Dan and Sonia Wiley. She is a 12-year 4-H member and now is attending Kansas State University.

Here’s a look at various contest results from this year’s Leavenworth County Fair. The annual event dates back to 1926 and is thought to be one of the largest county fairs in the state.

Horticulture judging

Winners were named at the fair in horticulture judging.

Senior winners were:

Leah Parsons

Catie Larson

Braxton Shupe

Alex Falk,

Luke Falk

Payton Lynn

Emmett Keene

Marina Pebley

Junior winners were:

Samuel Manus

Benjamin Manus

Evan Shupe

Jack Habjan

Caroline Keene

Maya Pebley

Gavin Shupe

Jackson Lynn

Malia Pebley

Ag Challenge of Champions

Junior (Age 10 and younger)

Emmy Bracken, Baserhor Rustlers

Intermediate (11-13)

Jack Habjan, Glenwood

Senior (14-18)

DJ Klamm, Glenwood


Jeanette Klamm, Glenwood.

All highest-scoring youth received a trophy sponsored by the Leavenworth County Fair Board.

Livestock judging

Senior (14-18)

  1. Tanner Walden, Happy Helpers; 2. Kelsey Bradford, Happy Hollow; 3. Cameron Kilgore, Happy Hollow.

Intermediate (10-13)

  1. Logan Beying, Happy Hollow; Jack Habjan, Glenwood; 3. Mary Habjan, Glenwood.

Junior (7-9)

  1. Helen Habjan, Glenwood; 2. Colten Navinsky, Happy Hollow; 3. Sarai Parsons, Livewires.

Pee Wee

(Younger than 7)

  1. Miranda McKiddy; 2. Grace Edwards; 3. Anna Murphy.


  1. Becky Stewart, 2. Dawn Bracken; 3. April Connel.

Watermelon eating contest


Samuel Manus; 2. Benjamin Manus.


  1. Isaiah Manus; 2. Gavin Shupe.

Photo competition continues through October

The Kansas Water Office invites Kansas 4-H members to enter a photography contest sponsored by their office.

l Photos must be water-related and captured in Kansas.

l All entries give the Kansas Water Office permission to freely share and publish their photos through social media, the agency’s website or other channels.

l First-, second- and third-place photos will be displayed in the Kansas Water Office during the year.

l Types of photos to consider include bodies of water, recreation and fun, irrigation and agriculture and water infrastructure.

For more information, go to


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