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KDOT continues to work on problematic potholes on K-32 in Linwood

January 28, 2016

The winter weather continues to affect a stretch of highway in Linwood.

Both lanes of Kansas Highway 32 in Linwood have numerous pesky potholes that keep reappearing due to winter weather that is further aggravating the deteriorating overlay surface on the road.

Kansas Department of Transportation maintenance crews are completing frequent pothole repairs on the road. According to KDOT, the potholes are filled with a cold patch product, but because of winter weather and the shallow depth of the potholes, the cold patch is not staying in place.

As a short-term fix, when the weather warms up to a minimum of 50 degrees and schedules permit, KDOT maintenance crews will use the spray patch machine to “spray in” the patch product, which is a more durable fix for potholes.

The spray patch machine sprays hot oil through a hose that is placed directly on the hole, and the aggregate patch is blown onto the oil. This allows the patches to adhere to the roadway pavement more securely. If the temperature is less than 50 degrees, the hot oil running through the spray nozzle will clog up.

KDOT is scoping a mill and overlay repair project on the K-32 stretch in southern Leavenworth County to provide a long-term fix for the road. KDOT officials hope the repair project will be completed sometime this year.

Updated daily traffic information for this repair work and for the entire Kansas City metro area can be viewed online at


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