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Tonganoxie swim team finishes season with home victory

July 5, 2016

The Tongie Tidal Waves finished off their 2016 swim season with a triangular victory Friday at Tonganoxie Water Park.

Tonganoxie scored a whopping 379 points, with Lansing taking second with 231 and Leavenworth third with 207.

Leading off scoring in the 6 and younger relay was the team of Axton Kramer, Rylan Strahm, Marissa Dick and Sydney Kirchoff taking first in the freestyle relay and the team of Jackson Barker, Levi Grantham, Brooke Nihart and Charlee Norman taking second.

In 6 and younger boys competition, Carter Bradley won both the freestyle and backstroke, Levi Grantham finished second in backstroke and fifth in freestyle, while Axton kramer took third in freestyle and fourth in backstroke. Brennin Rhoads placed second in freestyle and third in backstroke and Rylan Strahm placed fourth in freestyle and fifth in backstroke.

For the 6 and younger girls, Addison Anderson placed third in freestyle and backstroke, Marissa Dick second in freestyle and backstroke and Sydney Kirchoff first in both freestyle and backstroke. Brooke Nihart nabbed fifth in freestyle and Charles Norman fourth in freestyle and backstroke.

Here’s a look at other results from the day:

8 and younger boys

Freestyle relay team of Gavin Rhoads, Joshua Duvall, Jack Lough and Hunter Nihart, first; freestyle relay team of Elijah Holthaus, Parker Unruh, Hunter Grantham and Andrew Norman, second; medley relay team of Andrew Norman, Hunter Nihart, Gavin Rhoads and Jack Lough; first; Josh Duvall, third in freestyle and fifth in butterfly; Hunter Grantham, second in freestyle and third, backstroke; Elijah Holthaus, fifth, backstroke; Hunter Nihart, third in both butterfly and breaststroke; fourth in freestyle; Andrew Norman, second, backstroke; Gavin Rhoads, third, freestyle; fourth in both butterfly and breaststroke.

8 and younger girls

Freestyle relay team of Raegan McDermott, Addy Oberndorfer, Lauren Dunn and Laney Unruh, first; medley relay team of Hadley Regehr, Ella Pruitt, Baylie Igleheart and Maddie Pruitt, first; Ava Barker, third, butterfly and fifth, freestyle; Lainey Garner, second, butterfly and third, freestyle; Baylie Igleheart, first in both freestyle and butterfly; third, breaststroke; Kennedy Kramer, second, backstroke; Raegan McDermott, fifth, breaststroke; Addy Oberndorfer, second, freestyle; Ella Pruitt, fourth, breaststroke; Hadley Regehr, fourth, freestyle; Gace Weatherford, fourth, backstroke.

10 and younger boys

Freestyle relay team of Ethan Tripe, Logan Anderson, Luke Kesinger and Henry Wahl, first; medley relay team of Luke Kesinger, Luke Nickolson, Silas Kirchoff and Garrett Edwards, first; Isaiah Holthaus, fourth, backstroke; Luke Kesinger, fourth, freestyle, fifth, butterfly; Silas Kirchoff, first, in both freestyle and butterfly, fourth, breaststroke; Aiden Lowe, second, butterfly; fifth, breaststroke; Gavin Shupe, first, breaststroke, third, freestyle, fourth, butterfly; Hudson Strahm, third, breaststroke, fifth, freestyle; Josiah Weatherford, fifth, backstroke.

10 and younger girls

Freestyle relay team of Mallory Dick, Eliza Brockoff, Lucy Rieke and Serenity Stewart, third; medley relay team of Kennedy Unruh, Stella Bradley, Isabella Barker and Taylor Igleheart; first; Isabella Barker, first in both freestyle and butterfly; Stella Bradley, third, breaststroke; fifth, butterfly; Brette Hayden, first, breaststroke; Taylor Igleheart , fourth, butterfly; Sophie Oberndorfer, second, freestyle; Lilly Pruitt, third, butterfly, fourth, freestyle; Lucy Rieke, first, backstroke; Ella Suber, second, butterfly; Holly Unruh, second, breaststroke; Kennedy Unruh, third, backstroke.

12 and younger boys

Freestyle relay team of Ben Suber, Evan Shupe, Caleb Weatherford and Cody Kesinger, third; medley relay team of Cody Kesinger, Evan Shupe, Ben Suber and Cole Bennett, second; Cody Kesinger, fourth in both freestyle and backstroke, fifth, butterfly; Ben Suber, fourth in both butterfly and breaststroke.

12 and younger girls

Freestyle relay team of Grace Himpel, Hayden York, Liberty Seitter and Chloe Ferguson, third; medley relay team of Aza Wingerter, Brilei Hendrs, Kristi Chambers and Chloe Ferguson, first; Kirsti Chambers, fourth, butterfly, fifth in both freestyle and breaststroke; Brilei Hendrix, fourth, backstroke; Mikaylay Myers-Arenth, first, in freestyle, butterfly and breaststroke; Macie McDermott, fourth in both freestyle and breaststroke, fifth, butterfly; Abby Vick, third, breaststroke; Aza Wingerter, second, backstroke.

14 and younger boys

Freestyle Relay, Brendan Rogers, Scotty Vick, Griffin Overacker and Kyle Chambers, second; medley relay, team of William Weatherford, Griffin Overacker, Brendan Rogers and Max Plaschka, third; Kyle Chambers, third, breaststroke, fifth in both freestyle and butterfly; Griffin Overacker, first, backstroke.

14 and younger girls

Freestyle relay team of Jordyn Bosley, Harlei Hendrix, Kirstin Stemmons and Macie McDermott, second; medley relay team of Kirstin Stemmons, Arianna Myers-Arenth, Jordyn Bosley and Theona Vaughn, first; Jordyn Bosley, third in freestyle and butterfly; Arianna Myers-Arenth, third in breaststroke; Kirstin Stemmons, third, backstroke.

18 and younger relays

Freestyle relay team of Holden DeGraff, Samantha Koch, Joshua Bosley and Rilee Garner, second; medley relay team of Samantha Koch, Garrett Eason, Luke Falk and Bailey Bradley, third.

18 and younger boys

Garrett Eason, third, backstroke and breaststroke; Luke Falk, second, backstroke, fourth, freestyle, fifth, butterfly; Rylan Hellman, fifth, breaststroke.

18 and younger girls

Rilee Garner, first, breaststroke, second, butterfly; Samantha Koch, second, backstroke; fifth in both backstroke and breaststroke.

Coach Janet Falk noted the team won three of its four meets this season and had 125 swimmers total on the team ranging in ages from 5-17. The season started May 31 with the pool being the warmest in temperatures of all eight years the Tidal Waves have competed. The squad had the largest number of swimmers and parental involvement in the league.

“Our community is truly blessed to have an amazing facility and support from the swimmers’ families, as well as City Council for allowing us to have the swim team in our community,” Falk said.


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