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McLouth Happenings

July 7, 2016

McLouth High School students have created a new mural at the school.

Justina Williams and Matt Miller created a mural incorporating both the school’s mascot, the bulldog.

The students worked on the mural during art class and additional hours outside of art class to complete the project.

“I could not be more proud of them as they help use the arts to promote school pride and show how dedication and hard work pays off,” Bumgardner said, according to a story on the school’s website. “Both of these students have potential to have careers in the arts. I hope this inspires more to join the art program.”

Schools offering older trophies

McLouth schools are trying to make room for current trophies in their trophy cases and are offering those older awards to alumni.

School officials have storage space for the older trophies, unless spoken for by those who may have had a part of earning them while at McLouth, or had a close family member who did. The trophies that were removed were for third place and below, and any second-place trophies that may not be on display, were in poor condition and in need of repair or are missing plates with information and/or year.


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