Donnelly given nod to join Port Authority board

Chris Donnelly, a banker with First State Bank of Tonganoxie and chairman of the Leavenworth County Development Corp.'s infrastructure committee, makes a point to other LCDC members during the group's monthly meeting Thursday at the Leavenworth County Justice Center. Donnelly emphasized a need to refocus the organization's efforts and to unify all municipalities in the county in a concerted effort. Enlarge photo

December 20, 2017

Mayor Jason Ward told the council that Bill New was stepping down from the Leavenworth County Port Authority and a replacement was needed.

Ward suggested Donnelly fill the role, as he has been involved with the organization in the past and served on the Leavenworth County Development Corporation board.

Donnelly asked that a decision be made later so that there wasn’t pressure or an awkward situation of making a decision with him there.

A decision, though, was needed later this week, so the council proceeded. Ward also asked the incoming council members, all who were in attendance, their thoughts and all were agreeable to the appointment as were current council members.

Stevens said that when Ward first started talking about the position, Donnelly’s name instantly came to mind.

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