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Tongie Tidal Waves dive in to new season

Bailey Bradley and the Tongie Tidal Waves picked up wins against Bonner Springs and Eudora on Friday.

Bailey Bradley and the Tongie Tidal Waves picked up wins against Bonner Springs and Eudora on Friday.

June 14, 2017

The Tongie Tidal Waves season officially has started.

The team had its first meet Friday against Piper.

Tonganoxie has 134 swimmers this year, while Piper had more than 110. Piper won the meet, 300-23iewrei

The swim season continues this Friday with another home meet. It starts at 7:30 a.m. and will be against Lake Quivira and Lake Forest. The meet is expected to finish up around noon.

On June 23, the squad heads to De Soto for a meet. Tidal Waves coach Janet Falk said this is De Soto’s first year in the league, so its squad will be fairly small.

On June 29 and 30, Tonganoxie will be hosting the league championships at Tonganoxie Water Park.

Competition will start at 7:30 a.m. both days, with swimmers ages 5-10 swimming June 29 and participants 11-18 swimming June 30.

Leavenworth, Eudora, Bonner Springs and De Soto will be joining Tonganoxie at the league championships.

Falk founded the Tongie Tidal Waves team in 2009. This marks the eighth season for the Tidal Waves, who practice and have all of their home meets at Tonganoxie Water Park.


6 and younger

Jackson Barker, Roman Holthaus, Sylas Lungu and Gabriel Meitler; second place, ssecond place in backstroke and third in freestyle; Sylas Lungu, second in freestyle.

8 and younger

Axton Kramer, Lucien Brockoff, Elijah Holthaus and Levi Grantham, first in freestyle relay; Levi Grantham, Carter Bradley, Parker Unruh and Hunter Nihart, second in medley relay; Elijah Holthaus, third in backstroke; Hunter Nihart, first in freestyle and backstroke and third in breast stroke.

10 and younger

Luke Broxterman, Levi Lindholm, Silas Kirchoff and Danilo Djukic, first in freestyle relay; Joshua Duvall, Hunter Nihart, Josiah Weatherford and Henry Wahl, second in medley relay; Logan Andeson, second in freestyle and butterfly and third in backstroke; Danilo Djukic, second in breast stroke; Luke Kesinger, first in backstroke and third in freestyle; Silas Kirchoff, first in freestyle and butterfly.

12 and younger

Gavin Shupe, Luke Nicholson, Isaiah Holthaus and Joseph Duvall, second in freestyle relay; Isaiah Holthaus, Gavin Shupe, Alex Lungu and Mason Schooler, second in medley relay; Isaiah Holthaus, third in backstroke; Cody Kesinger, first in freestyle and third in breast stroke; Alex Lungu, second in freestyle and back stroke, and third in butterfly.

14 and younger

Caden Hellman, Hunter Calovich, Alex Lungu and Ben Suber, first in freestyle relay; Jaxson Overacker, Max Plaschka, Hunter Calovich and Jack Duvall, second in medley relay; Hunter Calovich, second in butterfly; Caden Hellman, first in breast stroke; and Ben Suber, third in breast stroke.


8 and younger

Sydney Kirchoff, Laney Unruh, Lainey Garner and Ava Barker, first, freestyle relay; Laney Unruh, Lucy Lindholm, Sydney Kirchoff and Marissa Dick, first, freestyle relay; Addison Anderson, second in freestyle, third in butterfly; Ava Barker, second in butterfly and third in freestyle; Marissa Dick, second in backstroke; Lainey Garner, second in breast stroke; Sydney Kirchoff, first in freestyle, butterfly and breast stroke; Laney Unruh, first in backstroke.

10 and younger

Baylie Igleheart, Ellie Suber, Hadley Regehr and Stella Bradley, first in freestyle relay; Teagan Allen, Andy Oberndorfer, Stella Bradley and Olivia Erwin; second in medley relay; Stella Bradley, second in breast stroke; Olivia Erwin, second in backstroke; Brette Hayden, first in breast stroke and second place in butterfly; and Baylie Igleheart, third in freestyle.

12 and younger

Lucy Rieke, Serenity Stewart, Isabelle Barker and Mallory Dick, second in freestyle relay; Sophie Oberndorfer, Maisyn Lilly, Brilei Hendrix and Taylor Igleheart, third in backstroke; Lulu Myers-Arenth, first in freestyle, butterfly and breast stroke; Sophie Oberndorfer, second in backstroke; Abby Vick, second place in the breast stroke.

14 and younger

Aza Wingerter, Carly Overacker, Harlei Hendrix and Theona Vaughn, second place in medley relay.


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