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Dispatch numbers show thefts, animal calls up in 2017; Gill takes job with KBI; counterfeit bills found

The Tonganoxie Police Department is at Sixth and Church streets.

The Tonganoxie Police Department is at Sixth and Church streets.

January 31, 2018

Citations were up by more than 200 issuances in 2017 from 2016 for the Tonganoxie Police Department.

Despite those numbers, some areas were down, such as DUIs (36 in 2016 to 23 in 2017) and arrest reports (257 in 2016 to 244 in 2017).

Statistics from Chief Jeff Brandau’s office show numbers in assorted categories from 2012-17.

Citations numbers aren’t just traffic stops. They can be notices to appear in court, disorderly conduct and an array of other incidents involving misdemeanors, Brandau said.

Reported thefts were at an all-time high during six-year span with 90 in 2017.

The highest previous was 72 in 2013.

Criminal damage (32) was up form the previous year (25), but well below the high number of 57 in 2012.

Other high numbers from 2017 were animal calls and ordinance violations.

Animal calls were at 132 for 2017, up from 86 in 2016. The previous record during the span was 116 in 2012.

Animal calls bounced up and down each year, going to 82 in 2013, 109 in 2014, 61 in 2015.

Brandau said he didn’t have any solid theory as to why those numbers fluctuated.

“Those animal calls come and go,” Brandau said. “They’ve definitely been a problem ever since I’ve been here.”

Drug calls provide another statistic that seems to jump back and forth.

Those calls set at 29 in 2012 and then dropped to 11 in 2013.

They went back to 29 in 2014, down to 18 in 2015 and then spiked at 50 in 2016. In 2017, Tonganoxie police had 36 drug calls.

“Some of it’s just staffing,” Brandau said. “I don’t think drug usage is down. I think a lot of it is staffing and who is there to be aggressive.”

Sex-offense statistics were unavailable for 2012, but Tonganoxie had four reported cases in 2013, six in 2014, 11 in 2015 and five in 2016. In 2017, there were four.

Juvenile reports is another statistic that has fluctuated in recent years.

There were 93 in 2012, 133 in 2013 and then down to 61 in 2014. It then climbed to 81 in 2015 and 84 in 2016 before a drop in 2017 to 74.

Leavenworth County Dispatch, beginning in 2017, also was able to offer two other statistics for 2017.

Due to the new computer-aided dispatch system, dispatchers could total up the number of self-initiated calls (2,476) and total activity (4,651).

Brandau said self-initiated calls could be a variety of things, but usually are traffic stops.

Gill takes another job

Lt. Jarrod Gill will be leaving the Tonganoxie Police Department next week for a position with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

Gill’s last day is Feb. 8. He will serve as a special agent with the KBI in Topeka.

He had been with the TPD for seven and a half years.

Brandau said he was in the process of finding Gill’s replacement.

Counterfeit bills on rise

Retailers are asked to keep an eye out for counterfeit bills.

Tonganoxie police have received reports from a local bank that it has taken in multiple counterfeit $20 bills.

For more about security features on bills and how to look for counterfeit bills, go to


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