Tonganoxie City Council approves fire department pumper truck

Tonganoxie Deputy Fire Chief John Callaghan conducts weekly maintenance on one of the department's trucks Monday near the Tonganoxie City Fire Station. Area cities can find themselves competing with other local communities because of higher pay for its employees in fire, police, public works and other departments. Enlarge photo

November 21, 2018

The City Council approved the purchase of a fire pumper truck for the Tongnoxie City Fire Department.

Council members approved, 4-0, the purchase for $300,449.46 from Conrad Fire Equipment. The price included trade-in value of $105,000 and the additional cost of $23,128.84 for extrication rescue tools. Total cost is $346,923.37 through 10-year lease purchase agreement at 2.95 simple interest (First State).

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