Tonganoxie City Council holds line on 2020 budget

Tonganoxie has eclipsed a population of 5,500, according to estimates recently released. The next official county will come with the 2020 U.S. Census. Enlarge photo

August 8, 2019

The Tonganoxie City Council a budget that holds the line compared to last year’s mill rate.

Council members approved, 4-0, the mill rate of 45.284 for 2020, with Lisa Patterson absent.

That is right in line with the 2019 rate of 45.281. The 2018 level was 45.326.

Council member Dave Bennett approved the budget, but wanted the city to evaluate the matrix it uses for replacing its vehicles.

“I don’t want to be buying things we don’t need,” Bennett said. “I’m not saying to the department heads “I don’t want you to have nice things.”

Fellow Council Member Curtis Oroke agreed with Bennett.

Council Member Loralee Stevens thanked Fire Chief John Zimbelman for is work in securing grants to help with his budget, and Mayor Jason Ward interjected about past practices.

“The genesis of that process was when we were buying used police vehicles form Lexington, Mo., and we did it because of a budget thing,” Ward said. “In the end, we spent more repairing them than buying new vehicles and repairing them that way.”

City Manager George Brajkovic said the matrix the city uses is based on guidelines the American Public Works Association suggests.

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