Tonganoxie USD 464 revamps 2019-20 budget; mill rate in line with current year

Tonganoxie USD 464 central office. Enlarge photo

August 13, 2019

The mill rate now is at 60.343, which is a slight decrease from the actual 2018-19 number of 60.415.

The board originally approved a mill rate of 60.876 at a recent meeting, but district officials were able to make some changes to get the rate down.

Lori Wilson, the district’s business manager, told the board at Monday’s meeting that, after discussing the budget with Greenbush officials, the district reduced the supplemental general fund, or local option budget by nearly 69,000. That drop allowed for the mill rate to be reduced. That was Greenbush’s recommendation on how to lower the mill rate, Wilson said.

If the district would need to move money to the LOB, it has its contingency fund.

“Our hope is that we won’t have to do that transfer,” Wilson said. “Just because we budget it, doesn’t mean we have to use it.

“We thought that was the way to go and get the mill rate flat compared to last year.”

Wilson also noted that with valuations going up, the district is anticipating its state aid percentage to be going down based on various formulas the state uses. However, the per pupil base aid from the state for 2019-20 is $4,436. That is a jump from $4,165 from 2018-19, due to a recent Kansas Supreme Court ruling on school finance and updated legislation.

The district is hoping that enrollment will be up this year, though it was noted that the Class of 2019 was a larger class by THS standards.

The board approved, 6-0, the updated 2019-20 budget, with Stephanie Shupe absent. Michelle McGhee participated via conference call.

The district will not need to republish its budget because its new mill rate is lower. If the revised budget would have carried an increase, state law would have required that revised budget to be published again.

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