Souper Bowl Challenge between Tonganoxie and McLouth Methodist churches wraps up this weekend

A sign outside Tonganoxie United Methodist Church shows that McLouth has started the first weekend of the Souper Bowl Challenge with about 200 more points. McLouth church members have gathered 779 cans to Tonganoxie's 701 after the first weekend. Enlarge photo

February 1, 2019

Souper Bowl drive continuing until Saturday

The annual Souper Bowl Community Soup Drive has started.

The drive is a friendly competition featuring McLouth and Tonganoxie United Methodist churches to see who can collect the most cans to help those in need.

Get in the game by helping fill our local food pantries with lots of cans of soup, stew, chili and pasta.

Condensed soup scores one point. Double your points with cans of chunky-style soup, stew, chili, and pasta (such as ravioli, spaghetti, or Beefaroni).

The last day for collection of cans and cash will be Saturday (unless otherwise noted).

Rush your cans to any of the designated drop-off locations in McLouth:

City Hall (Friday), FreeState Electric Co-Op (Friday), Methodist Church (Sunday), First Baptist Church and Apple Market.

You may be a financial supporter with your cash donation at Conoco, Town Clipper and Casey’s General Store. Please encourage your friends, relatives and neighbors to join in on the fun, and more importantly, to help those in need.


Our local food pantries are the WINNERS.

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