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Remember When: A Community Review for June 19, 2019

Tonganoxie Community Historic Site, 201 W. Washington St. near U.S. Highway 24-40.

Tonganoxie Community Historic Site, 201 W. Washington St. near U.S. Highway 24-40.

June 19, 2019

10 years ago: June 17, 2009

At Tonganoxie High School, Tonganoxie celebrity and “Survivor: Guatemala” winner Danni Boatwright was on hand last weekend to help raise money for Team Tongie, an organization set up to help Tonganoxie students and their families in time of need.

The Kansas City Royals and National Center for Fathering partnered up to hold the 2009 Kansas City Royals Father of the Year Essay Contest. Tonganoxie Elementary School third-grader Cole Keltner and TES fourth-grader Rachel Maurer were recognized for their essays. Cole was runner-up in the third grade category for his essay about his father, Ryan Keltner. Rachel was a semi-finalist in fourth grade for her essay about her father, Andrew Mauer.

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25 years ago: June 22, 1994

Dairying is a big business here in Leavenworth County. The dairy industry in this county generated about $6,163,100 in milk sales in 1993. Currently our county has 34 dairy herds, with a total of 3,650 dairy cows, which ranks the county fourth in the state of Kansas.

The Rev. Dave Peterson received the blessing of the Tonganoxie City Commission last week to form a committee to look into developing an unspecified portion of the Tonganoxie Creek into a public “Parkway.” Peterson said, “there is a flood plain along both sides of the Tonganoxie Creek. The creek crosses into the city east of the high school behind the trailer park just south of 24-40 and runs south in the overgrown area east of the swimming pool. I’d like to see the entire area adjacent to that creek from 24-40 south, past the swimming pool, where it turns east and runs parallel to Fourth Street until it turns south again about a half mile east of the fire station.”

50 years ago: June 19, 1969

Zoellner’s advertised slip-on Pecos work boots for $20.95.

Sears was advertising appliances in the Tongie Mirror.

Wheat price support loan rates in Leavenworth County for the 1969 crop was $1.31 a bushel.

The City was constructing a new bathhouse at the Tongie swimming pool for $18,000. With Federal assistance, the cost was lowered to $14,000.

A receipt for J.H. Leighty’s 2 year subscription to the Mirror for $2 made the news because it was from 1909.

Area officers were called in to assist with a riot at Lansing Prison.

75 years ago: June 22, 1944

The Allies have landed in France with hopes that this long saga of fighting will end soon. We have reports that the young man who has so far served the longest in the war is young Staff Sergeant Theron Angell. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Angell of Tonganoxie and has been a member of the service since his enlistment on January 14, 1942. He is stationed in England at the Army Air Corps Headquarters and is looking forward to his homecoming sometime in 1945.  

Three Lenahan brothers, Richard, John and Eddie are sons of another local couple, Mr and Mrs. F.W. Lenahan.  Richard is stationed in the Southwest Pacific, John is on the Island of Corsica and Eddie is on the West Coast in California.  A big Tonganoxie salute to these young men, and of course to all of the others who are serving.

Heard on the street: two hunters in an African jungle were watching a hungry leopard stalk a large, plump man.

“Can you spot the winner?” asked one hunter.  “Yes, the winner is spotted,” replied his partner.

Zellner Mercantile is selling wonderful Dutch Boy Pure White Lead Paint and Primer at the same old price of $3.50 a gallon.  Sounds like a great deal for your home decor and improvements.

Hercules Powder Company is hiring immediately for their production staff.  Have a hand in the Victory March by producing rocket and cannon powder now.

Wheat fields are turning golden. Harvest will soon be on. Our Jarbalo reporter, Mrs. Ward Kiester, says wheat is not very good in this locality, but better than last last year.

Harry Wendorff’s Standard Oil tank wagon caught fire from a short in the battery four miles north of town Monday of this week.

100 years ago: June 19, 1919

Floyd E. Mills, son of Mrs. N.B. Mills, who spent the greater part of the past year in Germany, came home June 5th with his discharge. He was with the Field Artillery and took part in a number of large battles but was fortunate enough to come through without a scratch or mishap.

If the railroads are divorced from government ownership, it looks as if their parting request would be for a large amount of alimony.

The Electric Light Company were wiring the streets Wednesday in preparation for the Home Coming Welcome Celebration to be tendered to our returned Soldiers and Sailors Friday, June 20th.

The few who wish to follow fashion’s whim in footwear can wear, this summer, white oxfords with black shoe laces and black stockings. This combination is sanctioned by New York’s latest decree. Of course the generality of women will use the conservative all white.

125 years ago: June 21, 1894

The indications are very favorable now for another increase in Rothenberger’s boarding house in Leavenworth. Last Saturday, a deputy sheriff called on Alex Bruce and informed him that he had a bench warrant for his arrest for contempt of court, and that he must either furnish him a bond for $500 or stay in jail until the case could be heard by Judge Myers. He concluded to give the bond.

Five injunctions have been run on Alex for selling liquor, and he moved his place each time until his resources were exhausted, Alex has been violating the prohibitory law for several years, and his education and experience will be much greater after the strong arm of the law gives him a shake or two.

The county normal is in session and the teacher who has been teaching a seven month’s school at $35 per month is expected to spend a month at the normal at his own expense.

We are not finding fault with the normal, but merely wonder what kind of service school districts expect to get when teachers work only a few months each year on a paltry salary.


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