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Tongie Tidal Waves compete in 1st home meet of season at Tonganoxie Water Park

Swimmers cheer on their teammates Friday at a dual between the Tongie Tidal Waves and the Lansing Sea Lions at Tonganoxie Water Park.

Swimmers cheer on their teammates Friday at a dual between the Tongie Tidal Waves and the Lansing Sea Lions at Tonganoxie Water Park.

June 19, 2019

The Tongie Tidal Waves swim team had its home opener Friday at Tonganoxie Water Park.

The Tidal Waves squared off against the Lansing Sea Lions in a meet that Lansing held on for the victory, 690-619.

There were some cooler temperatures for last week’s meet, which also took place despite a dash of rain that morning.

Organizers eliminated the individual medley events so the meet could finish on time, but nearly 300 swimmers still competed throughout the morning.

The Tidal Waves will be at home again this week with a 7:30 a.m. start Friday against Lake Forest and Lake Quivira at Tonganoxie Water Park.

The meet is expected to finish up around noon.

Here are results from the meet against Lansing:

6 and younger freestyle relay

Cole Harris, Alden Hodge, Carter Brooks and Rowden Lobb, first, freestyle relay; Avery Strahm, Wynnifred King, Chauncey Walkers and Isabella Falgren, second, freestyle relay.

6 and younger boys

Carter Brooks, sixth, freestyle; Nolan Gepner, first, backstroke, and third, freestyle; and Cole Harris, second, freestyle, and third, backstroke.

6 and younger girls

Brianna Daniels, sixth, backstroke; Isabella Falgren, third, freestyle and backstroke; Avery Strahm, second, freestyle and backstroke; and Chauncey Walker, sixth, freestyle.

8 and younger boys

Cash Overmiller, Max Sturgeon, Jackson Barker and Roman Holthaus, first, freestyle relay; Jaxen Lansing, Jacob Falgren, Mark Sousa and Noah Shue, second, freestyle relay;

Gehrig Eastes, Reed Rochel, Cale Hodge and Emmitt Budy; third, freestyle relay; Jackson Barker, Jaxen Lansing, Cash Overmiller and Jacob Falgren, first in medley relay; Reed Rochel, Cale Hodge, Roman Holthaus and Gabriel Meitler, third, medley relay; Jackson Barker, fifth, butterfly, and sixth, breaststroke; Jacob Falgren, first, freestyle, and second, butterfly; Roman Holthaus, third, freestyle; Gabriel Meitler, first, breaststroke, second, freestyle, and third, butterfly; Noah Shue, sixth, backstroke; Mark Sousa, second, backstroke, and fifth, freestyle; Max Sturgeon, fourth, backstroke.

8 and younger girls

Lucile Chute, Drew Toomey, Ryan Workman, and Charlee Norman, second, freestyle relay;

Elsie Rochel, Avery Carmitchel, Lyla Carmitchel and Tatum Spottswood, third, freestyle relay; Lucile Chute, fourth, butterfly and backstroke; Charlee Norman, third, backstroke, and fourth, freestyle; Tatum Spottswood, second, butterfly and freestyle; Drew Toomey, second, backstroke, and third, freestyle; and Ryan Workman, sixth, freestyle.

10 and younger boys

Gavin Overacker, Grif Dean, Axton Kramer and Camden Overacker, second, freestyle relay; Levi Grantham, Brennin Rhoads, Jack Lough and Lane Kesinger, third, freestyle relay; Bryce Langford, Rylan Strahm, Axton Kramer and Elijah Holthaus, first, medley relay; Lane Kesinger, Grif Dean, Hunter Nihart and Noah Shue, second, medley relay; Grif Dean, first, breaststroke; Levi Strahm, fourth, breaststroke; Elijah Holthaus, second, breaststroke, and third, freestyle; Hunter Nihart, second, freestyle and butterfly; Andrew Norman, third, butterfly, and fourth, freestyle; Camden Overacker, third, breaststroke, and fifth, freestyle; Gavin Overacker, third, backstroke; Brennin Rhoads, fourth, backstroke, and sixth, freestyle; Rylan Strahm, fourth, butterfly, and sixth, breaststroke.

10 and younger girls

Lauren Glynn, Addy Schooler, Adlen Johnson, and Sydney Kirchoff, second, freestyle relay;

Jaia Bosley. Marissa Dick, Olivia Taylor, and Anna Gepner, fourth in freestyle relay;

Jaia Bosley, Olivia Taylor, Sydney Kirchoff and Marissa Dick, first in medley relay; Brooke Nihart, Sophia Reischman, Kennedy Kramer and Tatum Spotswood, third, medley relay; Ava Barker, second, butterfly, and third, freestyle and breaststroke; Jaia Bosley, sixth, backstroke; Marissa Dick, second, breaststroke, and fourth, butterfly; Anna Gepner, sixth in butterfly; Lauren Glynn, sixth in breaststroke; Sydney Kirchoff, first in freestyle, butterfly and backstroke; Kennedy Kramer, fourth in breaststroke and fifth in butterfly; Brooke Nihart, fourth in backstroke; and Olivia Taylor, second in backstroke.

12 and younger boys

Hunter Nihart, Silas Kirchoff, Elijah Holthaus and Rylan Strahm, second in freestyle relay; Brennin Rhoads, Andrew Norman, Gavin Rhoads and Joshua Duvall, third in medley relay; Hayden Overmiller, Silas Kirchoff, Hunter Grantham and Owen Shue, fourth in medley relay; Hunter Grantham, fifth, butterfly and backstroke; Silas Kirchoff, first in butterfly and breaststroke, and second, freestyle; Gavin Rhoads, fourth, butterfly.

12 and younger girls

Finley Keller, Brittany Stein, Olivia Erwin and Alexis Johnson, fourth in freestyle relay; Samantha Reischman, Brette Hayden, Kennedy Unruh, and Alexis Johnson, second in medley relay; Addie Dean, fifth in breaststroke; Santi Garcia, third, backstroke, fifth, freestyle; and Brette Hayden, fifth, backstroke, and fourth, 14 and younger backstroke; Alexis Johnson, sixth, backstroke; Maddie Pruitt, sixth, breaststroke; Brittany Stein, fourth, breaststroke; Ellie Suber, second, butterfly, fourth, freestyle, and fourth, 14 and younger breaststroke; Kennedy Temple, fourth, backstroke; Kennedy Unruh, first, breaststroke, third, butterfly, and sixth, freestyle.

14 and younger boys

Austin Johnson, Hudson Strahm, Isaiah Holthaus and Hunter Grantham, second, freestyle relay; Luke Nicholson, Ethan Langford and Gavin Shupe, third, freestyle relay; Ethan Langford, Hudson, Luke Nicholson and Austin Johnson, first in medley relay; Jack Lough,Camden Overacker, Isaiah Holthaus and Emmitt Budy, third in medley relay; Isaiah Holthaus, second, butterfly, third, backstroke, and fourth, breaststroke; Austin Johnson, fifth, backstroke; Luke Nicholson, third, freestyle and breaststroke, and fifth, butterfly; Gavin Shupe, first, breaststroke, fourth, freestyle, and sixth, butterfly; and Hudson Strahm, second, freestyle, third, butterfly, and sixth, backstroke.

14 and younger girls

Maisyn Lilly, Addie Dean, Taylor Igleheart and Makayla Myers-Arenth, second, freestyle relay;

Lilly Pruitt, Bethany Overmiller, Alaina Rogers and Santi Garcia, third in freestyle relay; Cale Anderson, Mallory Dick, Taylor Igleheart and Lilly Pruitt, second, medley relay; Bailey Wiehe, Alaina Rogers, Maisyn Lilly and Makayla Myers-Arenth, third, medley relay; Macy Geiger, Olivia Erwin, Bethany Overmiller and Brilei Hendrix, fourth, medley relay; Mallory Dick, second, backstroke; Brilei Hendrix, fifth, backstroke; Taylor Igleheart, fourth, backstroke, and sixth, butterfly; Maisyn Lilly, second, butterfly, and sixth, breaststroke; Makayla Myers-Arenth, second,18 and younger breaststroke, and third, butterfly; Lilly Pruitt, third, breaststroke, and fifth, freestyle; and Alaina Rogers, sixth, backstroke.

18 and younger relays

Dylan Grantham, Elizabeth Funk, Arianna Myers-Arenth, and Brendan Rogers, second, freestyle relay; Hunter Calovich, Griffin Overacker, Sarah Barncord, and Jordyn Bosley, fourth, freestyle relay; Hunter Calovich, Arianna Myers-Arenth, Alex Falk, and Jordyn Bosley, third, medley relay; and Griffin Overacker, Brendan Rogers, Kirstin Stemmons and Elizabeth Funk, fourth in medley relay.

18 and younger boys

Hunter Calovich, third, backstroke, and fifth, breaststroke; Alex Falk, second, butterfly, third, breaststroke, and fourth, freestyle; Dylan Graham, sixth, freestyle; Dakota Keeton, sixth, breaststroke; Griffin Overacker, fourth, backstroke, and, sixth, butterfly; Jaxson Overacker, sixth, backstroke; and Brendan Rogers, third, freestyle, and fourth, butterfly.

18 and younger girls

Sarah Barncord, fifth, breaststroke; Jordyn Bosley, first, backstroke, and third, freestyle and butterfly; Elizabeth Funk, second, freestyle and backstroke, and third, breaststroke; Arianna Myers-Arenth, fourth, freestyle, and sixth, backstroke; and Kirstin Stemmons, fourth, backstroke, and fifth, butterfly.


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