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Letter to the editor: Kansas needs residents to step forward for foster care, support

June 11, 2020

To the editor:

TFI Family Services is a not-for-profit Foster Care Agency. Our agency has been in the state of Kansas for over 50 years.

We are writing you today to discuss the need for foster families in the Leavenworth County area.

In the State of Kansas, we have more than 7,500 children in state custody and just more than 2,500 foster homes.

Additionally, 73% of those children are placed in out of home placements due to abuse or neglect.

This disparity means that children from your community are being placed outside of their home community, or in shelters.

Children who are placed outside their home community in one day lose their parents, family, school friends, teachers, coaches, and sense of connection to their community.

They frequently miss school so they can have visits, or they do not see family because they need to be in school. This sense of loss is compounded when they cannot be placed with their brothers and sisters due to no one having enough room.

Foster parents are needed to take children of all ages. The average age of a child needing placed in Kansas is 9.3 years old. Another large need is for foster parents who are willing to take sibling sets of both genders and 6-18 are the biggest need in Kansas traditionally.

We need families that are willing to help these children and their families become whole and strong.

To be willing to open their homes and hearts to these families and help them heal.

For more information please go to our website at or call 833-7FOSTER.

If you can’t foster, volunteer, if you can’t volunteer, Donate.

Libby Hayden

Community Liaison Coordinator, TFI Family Services, Inc.


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