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Remember When: A Community Review for June 17, 2020

Tonganoxie Community Historic Site, 201 W. Washington St. near U.S. Highway 24-40.

Tonganoxie Community Historic Site, 201 W. Washington St. near U.S. Highway 24-40.

June 17, 2020

50 years ago: June 18, 1970

The Mirror’s front page news photos of summer youth at their various jobs included throwing hay bales, working on cars, and Kay Emery operating a Linotype machine.

The sheriff’s Mirror piece reminded everyone that after dark bicycles must have a light and reflectors for safety.

Hunter’s restaurant started serving breakfast at 6:30 a.m. daily except when they were closed on Tuesdays and starting at 11 a.m. on Sundays.

There was a basket dinner planned for June 25th in the Reno church for former residents Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lindberg who were visiting from Berlin, New Mexico.

A former giant of a man at 8’ -4, Bonner Springs native Lee Hartley, has passed away in Sagle, Idaho. His father Ben Hartley built many of the stone houses in this part of Kansas. 

75 years ago: June 14, 1945

Well, it looks like 3 is the lucky number for Corporal Jack Huffington who has escaped fatal injury while serving in Europe. The Purple Heart recipient was knocked unconscious by a shell in Sargermeines, France and only required a once over by the medic. His second brush was in Helmers, Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge where a shell hit a home. Jack was inside the home, which was caved in by the shell and received a small scar. His third encounter was with a sniper in Rheinberg, Germany. He returned to Fort Leavenworth and was discharged because of his points from battle and an award of that little medal called a “Purple Heart”. Be careful, Jack and welcome home.

The fish saga continues with Alton Grems and the game warden.  The story begins when Mr. Grems decided to scout some backwater corn fields east of Tonganoxie. Grems took note of a large carp that had been washed up on the land by the recent flooding. Alton pulled out his ice pick and was ready to hook the carp when the game warden appeared on the scene. The officer hauled Alton before Judge Perry Walters who quickly dispensed his judgement proclaiming that the man was neither hook fishing in a lake or stream, but that the carp had trespassed on to the land and was therefore, fair game.  The case could be appealed.

A Money Making Milk Meeting will be held June 22 for dairy men interested in producing more milk. A technicolor movie will be shown in Lawrence at the Community Building.

125 years ago: June 20, 1895

The city council had quite a lengthy meeting Monday evening. A petition for a sidewalk from Second to Fourth street, on the west side of Delaware, was presented, signed by most of the property holders along that part of the street, and was referred to the committee with a request to bring in an ordinance at the next meeting.

Ten bills were presented and three were not allowed. An ordinance appropriating $205 for windmill and connection between the two cisterns was passed. An ordinance vacating a part of Maple avenue in Pleasant hill subdivision was also passed at the expense of petitioners.

R.C. Nance made an offer of $5 for the old city pump and piping and it was accepted.

The resignation of Police Judge Nance was read and accepted. The council appointed Justice Pearson to fill the spot.

The Mirror was made the official city paper for the ensuing year. The marshal was instructed to build a 16 feet long watering trough for public use. He was also instructed to as soon as possible fill the lower cistern, using the fire engine for that purpose.


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